CycleOps is a trusted bike trainer brand in the industry. The CycleOps Wind trainer provides a simple yet reasonable option for riders who want to spend less for a quality trainer.

Wind trainers are known for being the cheapest progressive resistance machines, in part because there is no need for toggles or handlebar switches since the more you pedal, the more resistance the fan creates. Unfortunately, it is possible to max out the resistance on this type of indoor cycle trainer. Wind or fan trainers are known for being some of the noisiest in the market; this particular trainer's noise level at 20 mph has been measured at 84 to 86 decibels. In other words, it will definitely be difficult to listen to your phone, tablet or TV without headphones while you ride.

The CycleOps Wind is surprisingly diverse for its simple build, being designed for both road and mountain bike frames. To accommodate these different types of bikes, it comes with a quick-release skewer and has three settings for rear dropout spacing, which measure at 120 mm, 130 mm and 135 mm. The resistance roller allows for 650b, 700c, 26-inch, 27-inch and 29-inch wheel sizes.

It measures 10.43 x 13.39 x 17.91 inches and weighs 18.25 pounds, and the frame folds in half, making it one of the lighter options on the market as well as one of the more compact ones. CycleOps tests its bike trainers to 300 pounds, making this a sturdy training option. If you are worried about scuffing up your floor you can purchase a training mat as well as other accessories from CycleOps.

Even though this is a simple machine, it is compatible with CycleOps VirtualTraining software to help you train and collect data on your work out. If you're on the fence about purchasing a wind trainer, keep in mind that CycleOps also backs this bike trainer with a lifetime warranty.

All in all, and despite the noise, the CycleOps Wind is a sturdy machine from a trusted manufacturer that would be a good option for anyone looking for an inexpensive trainer. Plus, CycleOps offers a lot of attachments and roller items to help personalize and optimize your ride.

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