There is a lot going for the Minoura MoZ Roller: it is durable, works your core and helps hone your technique. However, roller trainers like this one aren’t ideal for every rider.

Unlike other bike trainers that require you to secure your bike frame, this trainer works by letting your bike ride on top of the rollers where it can move freely. This makes it so that you will have to constantly balance yourself while you ride. While this simulates a more road-like ride and exercises core muscles, it can also require a tricky balancing act and is usually not a good trainer for beginners.

This indoor bike trainer measures 21.3 x 51.6 x 4.3 inches when laid out and 12.3 x 10.5 x 7.1 when folded up for storage. The Minoura MoZ is the lightest option on our list, weighing only 13.7 pounds. The size and lightweight design make this roller easy to store and to travel with. It is rustproof, so if you want to use it outside you can. There are rubber tips on the bottom of the roller's frame to keep it from sliding while you ride.

Since it doesn't require a skewer or thru-axle to mount, it is compatible with nearly any bike type, as long as it fits the bike roller's frame. It is still best to use a smooth trainer tire on this machine as the rollers will shred knobby tires. It is made for wheelbase sizes between 24 inches and 700c. Minoura backs this bicycle roller with a limited warranty.

In order to cut down on the noise level, Minoura's rollers contain noise insulators and the frame has a noise-dampening paint finish. Roller trainers do not provide a lot of resistance, so it is best to use them to improve your handling skills and balance.

Many roller riders find mounting and dismounting their bikes difficult since the roller raises the bike higher off the ground. You might want to consider purchasing Minoura's stepping stool for an easier mount and dismount.

Minoura's MoZ-Roller is an excellent trainer for the seasoned biker, providing a way to improve road-like technique during inclement weather or when you can’t get outside. While the roller style isn’t the best trainer type for building resistance, it works well for giving you a road-like feel and a great core workout.

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