This is definitely one of the most expensive bike trainers on the market, but for good reason. The Wahoo KICKR is a direct drive trainer, which means that it works differently from other types of indoor bike trainers. You connect the chain of your bike directly to the direct drive unit, so all of the energy you create while pedaling goes straight into your workout and doesn't get lost in the friction between a tire and a cylinder. Another benefit to having this direct drive unit is that it will not wear on your rear tire because you remove your tire to use it.

The KICKR can broadcast data to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+, making it compatible with most training apps. However, you’ll need to plug it in with the included power cord in order to access its smart capabilities.

It measures 23.62 x 15.75 x 31.5 inches and weighs 47 pounds, making this the heaviest cycling trainer on our list. The legs of the machine do fold up for storage. The Wahoo KICKR is compatible with 24 inch, 650c, 700c, 26 inch, 27.5 inch and 29 inch wheels. The KICKR's weight limit is 250 pounds, and keep in mind this is the combined weight of you and your bike.

This is a relatively quiet trainer, but it definitely still creates noise. It has been measured up to 70 dB. It comes with a quick-release skewer and a reversible axle spacer so that it can be used with most mountain bikes and road bikes. Since the frame of the tire isn't lifted up in the back there is no need for a front wheel riser block to steady your bike. Wahoo backs this trainer with a one-year limited warranty.

In the end, the Wahoo KICKR is a great choice for a bike trainer. It is durable, reliable and compatible with a wide range of training apps. It also has an authentic road-like feel. Perhaps the most important factor is that the energy you create in your workout doesn't get lost in the friction between a wheel and a tire but goes directly into the direct drive unit for an efficient training experience.

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