Bladez Fitness exercise bikes have features make your workout enjoyable. These upright bikes, including the Bladez Fitness U500i, include built-in exercise programs, and you can adjust their seats both horizontally and vertically to fit them to your body. However, its exercise bikes are missing a handful of common features.

The manufacturer’s bikes include around 25 preset workouts that can add variety to daily exercise routine and increase your overall performance. You gain access to even more premade workouts when you download compatible apps. Furthermore, some of the models they sell have up to 24 resistance levels, so you can control the intensity of your workout if you prefer to create your own workout. The bikes use magnetic resistance, so they are quiet and mostly maintenance free.

As you exercise, you can check your heart rate with the sensors in the handgrips, but the machine is not compatible with chest strap monitors. You can view your heart rate, as well as your calories burned, distance traveled, speed and time elapsed in your workout, on the machines’ consoles.

Bladez Fitness’ upright exercise bikes come with i.Concept Technology. This means that you can download compatible training apps to mobile devices to manage and plan your workouts. Not many similar products offer this type of compatibility.

These exercise bikes have features that make your workout as comfortable as possible. They come with large pedals that have straps, which help with form and keep you in control when pedaling. You can also adjust the seats on these upright bikes both horizontally and vertically.

Exercise bikes made by Bladez Fitness don’t have as many entertainment features as some other bikes. These bikes do not have built-in speakers or MP3 connectivity. In addition, they don’t have USB charging stations to ensure your mobile device does not run out of battery while listening to music or watching movies during your workout. Bladez’s bikes also don’t have integrated book rests, tablet rests or cooling fans. However, some come with a water bottle holder.

Bladez Fitness provides lifetime warranties on its bike’s frames. Parts and labor are covered under one-year manufacturer's warranties.

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Specifications and Benchmarks


Flywheel Weight (pounds)
Height (inches)
Width (inches)
Depth (inches)
Product weight (pounds)
Maximum user Weight (pounds)
Transportation Wheels

Versatility & Comfort

Front/Back Seat Adjustment
Up/Down Seat Adjustment
Water Bottle Holder
MP3 Player Connectivity
Book Rest
Cooling Fan
Multiple Handlebar Options

Help & Support

Moving Parts Warranty
1 Year
Labor Warranty
1 Year
Frame Warranty
User Manual
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Number of Pre-Set Workouts
Number of Resistance Levels
Handlebar Heart Rate Monitor
Workout Apps