Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Horizon Fitness makes exercise machines in different styles, including a handful of recumbent and upright exercise bikes. The recumbent bikes are built to be easy to mount and dismount, and they are easy on your joints. The upright exercise bikes closely resemble road bikes and require a little more flexibility and athleticism to hop on and off

Horizon Fitness includes many features on its bikes to make using them comfortable. You can adjust the seats both horizontally and vertically on a lot of its upright bikes. Most models have bike seats that are large and filled with gel, so you can ride for long periods of time without experiencing much discomfort. They also have large pedals with adjustable straps to secure your feet in place; this is for safety, and it helps you keep contact with the pedals as you increase your speed.

Most of the recumbent and upright bikes made by Horizon Fitness have consoles on the handlebars that display your workout statistics, including distance traveled, pace and the time that has elapsed in your workout. You may also find audio-in jacks and built-in speakers on some of the consoles.

Many of these products feature preprogrammed workouts. The number workouts differs depending on the specific bike you choose. Additionally, several of these bikes are compatible with heart rate chest straps and watches so you can track your heart rate while working out.

The size of Horizon Fitness’ exercise bikes differs by design. You should look closely at the specific specifications and design features. For example, if you plan on storing your bike between workouts, you should choose one that has transportation wheels. Several of these bikes can handle riders who weigh up to 350 pounds; however, some have lower weight restrictions.

If you have any questions or concerns when you use one of the company’s bikes, you can contact representatives from Horizon Fitness via email. There are also customer FAQs about exercise bikes and routine maintenance information on the company website. In addition, you can read troubleshooting guides specific to your exercise bike model and watch service videos for more detailed guidance.

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