Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The NordicTrack GX Pro Series has upright exercise bikes with lots of options and settings. When you buy one of these machines, you can choose from dozens of preset workouts and adjust the bicycle to fit your body. Additionally, the exercise bikes in this series, including the NordicTrack GX 4.4 Pro, feature large electronic consoles you use to control their features and settings.

This NordicTrack upright bicycle series can add variety to your workouts. The bikes usually come with roughly 30 preset workouts, designed by personal trainers. They allow you to focus on different areas of your fitness such as burning calories, increasing intensity or improving performance.

The bikes have many features that make your workout comfortable, even when you are pushing yourself to the limit. You can adjust the large vinyl seats horizontally and vertically. The upright bicycles also feature large pedals with straps to ensure that, no matter your foot size, your feet stay firmly planted on the pedals, even as you increase speed. However, you cannot adjust the positioning of the handlebars on the bikes in this series. Bikes with this feature are more comfortable and prevent any extra wrist and back strain during your workout.

Many design extras are included with the exercise bikes in this series. A lot of the features can be found on similar products, including water bottle holders, book rests and transportation wheels on the bottoms of the machines. However, they also come with cooling fans on the electronic console. The speed of the cooling fans in this series automatically adjust to match the speed of your pedaling – the faster you pedal, the more intense the airflow.

Bikes in this series can help you track your heart rate while you ride, mostly through the sensors built into the handle bars. Some of the machines also come with chest strap monitors that are Bluetooth-enabled to track your heart rate continuously.

Furthermore, NordicTrack offers excellent warranties. The frames on these bicycles are covered under lifetime manufacturer’s warranties. The bicycles’ parts are covered under a two-year warranty, and labor is covered under a one-year warranty. These are some of the best and longest warranties in the industry.

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