Pros / Should you need to cancel, the company will refund you for any service you have paid for but haven't used.

Cons / The mobile unit only has a 24-hour standby battery life.

 Verdict / If you are looking for a GPS medical alert service that comes with a complete hardware package, LifeFone is a worthy consideration.

LifeFone offers two hardware packages with its GPS medical alert unit. The At-Home & On-the-Go package is the least expensive of the two and consists of the GPS device, LifeFone's cellular base unit and a pendant. The At-Home & On-the-Go with Fall Detection package level includes the GPS and cellular units along with a fall-detection pendant. Both the GPS and cellular unit run on AT&T's cellular network, so you can use them wherever AT&T has cellular coverage.

When you press the button on the mobile unit, wristband, or necklace pendant, the resulting call goes to LifeFone's monitoring center along with your GPS coordinates. The response center is staffed 24/7 by representatives who can reach your emergency contacts or send emergency personnel to help you.

When you initially sign up for the company's services, you set up an emergency care plan that appears on the responder's screen when you place the call, so the responder knows whom to contact and when. You can change your emergency plan at any time through a LifeFone agent. LifeFone doesn't offer a web portal or mobile app like a few other comparable services.

The mobile unit has a 24-hour battery life, which is on the low end for comparable GPS units. This means that the unit will need to be recharged every day. The battery life will also vary based on your location and the strength of the cellular signal in the area; a weak cellular signal will drain the battery faster than areas where there is a constant strong signal.

The mobile unit itself is not water resistant. However, the pendant that comes with both packages is waterproof, so you can wear it in the shower. As long as you are within 350 feet of the mobile unit, the pendant can still place a call in the event of a fall.

LifeFone offers different payment plans; you can choose to pay month to month, quarterly or annually. The quarterly and annual plans offer varying levels of savings, so if you need the unit for longer than a few months, you may want to consider one of the longer-term plans.

Even with the longer-term plans, you can cancel your service at any time and receive a refund on the unused service, once you return the equipment in good shape. You don't have to purchase the equipment upfront like some comparable systems, and the company doesn't charge fees for activation or shipping.

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  • Optimal Standby Battery Life
  • Battery Effectiveness
  • Usage Effectiveness
  • Supported Languages
  1. This is the optimal standby battery life for the GPS unit in hours.
    More is better.
  2. 6  LifeFone
    24.0 Hours
  3. 96.0 Hours
  4. 48.0 Hours
  5. 120.0 Hours
  6. Category Average
    61.33 Hours


LifeFone is one of the few comparable medical alert system companies to include its GPS mobile unit with a base station and pendant package. If you are looking for a complete medical alert system with hardware and service, LifeFone's systems are a good choice.

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