Pros / Two customer care specialists answer each call.

Cons / The range of operation from the LifeStation console is only 500 feet.

 Verdict / LifeStation is a fair option for home medical alert systems thanks to its well-trained staff and additional protection services.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

LifeStation has several attractive features that make it worth your consideration for a medical alert system. This service's care specialists are required to undergo 160 hours of training before they begin working. The company also has two specialists handle every call – one stays on the line with you for the entire call while the other contacts emergency services.

LifeStation’s At Home package costs about $30 a month, which is average. Like most medical alert services, you can lower the monthly cost by paying by the year or the quarter. The yearly payment is about $311, which lowers the cost by almost $4 a month. This payment option provides the best value. The quarterly payment option only lowers the monthly cost by about $2. LifeStation doesn’t offer premium packages, but you can add a GPS device for an additional fee each month.

The pendant has a specified wireless range of 500-feet. However, our outdoor tests indicate that it's possible for it to reach 831 feet. It reached 325 feet in our indoor tests. By comparison, our best pick, Medical Guardian, reached 2,000 feet in the outdoor tests and 450 feet in the indoor tests. Even a similar device by Philips LifeLine, which is also specied for 500 feet, beat this system in our tests.

When you sign up for LifeStation, you or your loved one has access to medical monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Although most people associate medical monitoring with debilitating falls, the service is also excellent for emergencies in which the victim may not be able to speak clearly. LifeStation can help with such medical emergencies as heart attacks, strokes, diabetic complications and fainting spells. As long as you can push a button, help will be on the way immediately.

When you press the help button on your console or pendant, LifeStation care specialists answer your call in 20 seconds or less. The lightweight pendant is waterproof. If needed, you can get additional pendants for a monthly charge. If you need to move and take the system with you, all you have to do is call LifeStation using your help button a few days before you move, and they'll set everything up.

The LifeStation console is easy to set up by plugging it into a phone line and power outlet. The console sports a large emergency button for contacting the monitoring center, along with a clear button, four indicator lights (Power, Trouble, Sending and Home), a powerful speaker and voice equipment to ensure that care specialists can hear you. In case the power goes out, the console has 32 hours of backup battery power.

LifeStation fixes or replaces all equipment free of charge thanks to its product warranty. The company also performs weekly check-ins. When an emergency does occur, LifeStation contacts 911 services and anyone you've indicated on your emergency contact list, such as your doctor, family, friends and neighbors.

LifeStation provides a variety of extra products that help keep you protected. You can purchase a lockbox to keep a key in so that emergency personnel can get into your home if you can't reach the door. The company also sells a help button for the bathroom or hallway in case you fall without a pendant or console in reach. If you're looking for the ultimate in protection, LifeStation offers Activity Assurance. This service has a LifeStation care specialist check in with you on a daily basis for a monthly fee.

This medical monitoring service charges no activation fees. No long-term contract is required either, so you can cancel at any time without a penalty. LifeStation also ships all medical alert devices free of charge, such as the console and pendant when you first sign up and replacement parts, if needed, as the months and years progress. LifeStation medical monitoring is available in both the United States and Canada.

LifeStation representatives are available 24/7 to answer sign-up and account questions and to provide technical support. To speed up the sign-up process, you can register for LifeStation on its website. The site also provides a detailed FAQs page. Email support is only available for brochure requests, however.

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LifeStation medical monitoring services provide both fair terms and quality services. Due to its additional protective services and products and its thorough training of monitoring personnel, LifeStation is a well-rounded medical alert system and service.

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