Pros / This water filter system features a five-year warranty.

Cons / This system cannot remove as many contaminants from your drinking water as several similar models.

 Verdict / The EcoWater ERO 375 offers several standout features, such as a long warranty and several faucet design options, but its ability to reduce contaminants is only average.

The EcoWater ERO 375 is a water filter system that is designed to clean all types of water, such as well water or tap water. This system is NSF certified and can reduce more than 24 contaminants from your drinking water. It also provides an electronic monitoring system that will alert you when the filters need to be replaced. Additionally, this water filter comes with five different style options for a faucet, and it features a five-year warranty.

This drinking water system can reduce more than 24 contaminants from your drinking water. That is fewer impurities than the best water filtration systems manage, but it's about average for the industry. The Multipure AquaRO is a water filtration system that reduces 85 contaminants. The EcoWater filtration system can reduce contaminants such as cysts, lead, nitrates and chlorine. However, this system does not have the capabilities to reduce bacteria, asbestos or herbicides, which we are disappointed to see because many similar systems offer those capabilities. It is certified by NSF International, which means the system has been tested to ensure it effectively filters your drinking water.

The EcoWater ERO 375 connects under your kitchen sink. It is only 12.5 inches wide, 4.25 inches deep and 17 inches tall. It weighs 17 pounds. A faucet is included with the system, and one of the standout features of this water filtration unit is the fact that you can choose from five designer finishes to achieve the look you desire. Many similar products only come with one standard faucet option.

You can install this system on your own, without the help of a professional plumber. Additionally, the filters can be easily changed by simply twisting them on and off. An electronic monitoring system will alert you to when the filters and the membrane need to be replaced. The expected life span for the filters on this system is approximately six months, which is the average amount of time most filters will last on this type of system.

Another large advantage to this tap water system is its five-year warranty. Many similar systems are only covered under a one-year warranty. Additionally, email and telephone support options are available from EcoWater. However, in our experience the support was disappointing. We sent numerous inquiries to the company via email and we never received any response.

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  • Number of Contaminants Reduced
  • Number of Stages
  • Replacement Frequency
  • Number of Faucet Options
  • Warranty
  1. An approximate number of contaminants the system will reduce in your water.
  2. 7  EcoWater ERO 375
    24.0 Contaminants
  3. 66.0 Contaminants
  4. 50.0 Contaminants
  5. 40.0 Contaminants
  6. Category Average
    40.78 Contaminants


The EcoWater ERO 375 offers many standout features including a compact design, five optional faucet finishes and a five-year warranty. However, when compared to top-rated water filters, many will reduce more contaminants. However, if you simply want to improve the overall quality, taste and color of your drinking water, this system provides strong results.

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Contaminants Filtered

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