Heil air conditioners review

Heil offers a good selection of air conditioning units for various home sizes, and is well-rated for installation and after-care.

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Heil air conditioners review
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Heil offers a good range of AC units for people with smaller homes and budgets, rising up to premium units for people with larger homes to cool. Heil is generally well-rated among existing customers, and offers a decent warranty for extra peace of mind.


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    Quiet in use

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    Energy efficient models

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    Range of cooling features

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    Great brand reputation


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    Premium models are pricey

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Heil is one of the many AC unit manufacturers owned by United Technologies, via its well-regarded Carrier subsidiary. Unlike the effectively rebadged Bryant AC units, Heil offers a substantially different range of products to Carrier itself. It’s reassuring to know it has some heavyweight industrial backing, plus easily available contractors for installation and servicing work and for replacement parts.

As a brand, Heil has been around since 1962 as part of ICP, now owned by United Technologies, which itself has been manufacturing heating and cooling products since 1909. Generally speaking, Heil has a good reputation for making some of the best central air conditioning units that are both durable and affordable, with a no-hassle replacement warranty cover on high-end models.

In our Heil central air conditioners review, we look at the brand’s range of products, including its standout AC unit for value, the HVA9, the warranties it offers, and what existing customers think of the product range. For other ways to cool your home, read our guides to the best ductless air conditioners, and the best portable air conditioners.

Heil air conditioners review: Price

The cost of a Heil air conditioner varies quite a bit, with prices starting at around $1,800 for a 2.5-ton Performance N4A6 (unit only), and reaching up to around $3,050 for the flagship Ion 19 HVA9. Installation fees can cost up to $2,800, depending on the unit you opt for, adding quite a chunk to your overall cost. 

It's important to not that these prices are just for illustrative purposes and should not be read as gospel. On that note, and as with all other AC unit manufacturers and dealers, we would recommend getting quotes from a few licensed contractors to ensure you get the best deal possible. 

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Heil central air conditioners review: Installers

When you purchase a Heil AC unit and choose to have it installed (at extra cost), you’ll have the option of being partnered with a Heil Elite Dealer for installation, maintenance and ongoing customer service enquiries. 

Heil: Key features

Models in range: 12
Top SEER rating: 19
Warranty: 10 years limited

According to Heil, these Elite Dealers are up-to-date with the latest installation techniques and can provide the best troubleshooting advice, should you run into any issues with your new cooling system. Heil’s Elite Dealers work across the brands Ion and Performance ranges, so both budget and premium models are covered.

In order to book an installation, either contact Heil's customer service department, or speak to the authorized dealer you are contacting for a quote and ask them for a rough timescale of when installation can take place and how long it takes.

Heil air conditioners review: Range

Heil’s AC units are now split into its premium Ion range and its value Performance range. Previously Heil offered Deluxe, Performance and QuietComfort ranges, but it seems the Deluxe has been renamed to Ion and the QuietComfort rolled into the Performance range to simplify things.

The Heil Ion range starts at an unremarkable 15 SEER efficiency with its HSA5 model, moving up to a much more respectable 19 SEER unit that runs at a quiet 56dB with its top-model the Ion HVA9, which we’ll recommend here. For a higher SEER rating, read our American Standard review. Generally the Heil Ion range differentiates itself from Performance ones with higher SEER ratings, two-stage and variable speed compressors, WiFi thermostat connectivity, much lower noise levels and a no-hassle replacement warranty. 

The Heil HVA9 air conditioner offers some advanced compressor features to deliver its efficient 19 SEER rating. The 5-stage, variable speed compressor with variable-speed fan both reduces overall noise, boosts efficiency and maximizes comfort delivering just the right amount of cooling throughout your home. Noise levels are further reduced with an acoustic compressor blanket and soft-mount fixings.

The Heil HVA9 is Wi-Fi ready and designed to wirelessly link to the Ion System Control, a touchscreen wireless smart thermostat. This supports up to eight zones, dual-fuel control, seven-day programming with away and vacation settings and costs around $400. 

Heil air conditioners review: The Heil HVA9

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An extra plus point for the Heil HVA9 is it comes with a 10-year no hassle replacement warranty, alongside the more standard 10-year parts-only warranty, we’ll go into more detail on Heil warranties below. Expect a 30,000BTU (2.5-ton) model to cost around $3,100 with an installed starting cost of $6,000.

For around half the cost the Performance N4A6 is an attractive Energy Star qualified air conditioner that offers a good 17 SEER rating with sound output at 70dB. The cost savings come from a single-stage scroll compressor, matched with a single-speed fan.

As part of the Performance range it comes with a standard 10-year limited parts warranty and can be controlled with most wired thermostats. Units range in size from 1.5-ton (18,000BTU) up to 5-ton (60,000BTU).

Heil air conditioners review: Warranty

The basic Heil warranty is a standard 10-year cover on parts – including the compressor and coil – if registered within 90 days of installation. Even if you don’t register, Heil covers parts for five years. If your home is sold, Heil will honor the warranty for five years. As usual with AC units, this doesn’t cover labour or shipping costs for warranty replacement parts.

Of great interest is the additional warranty cover Heil extends to its Ion range of air conditioners. If a major component (considered by Heil to be a compressor, coil or heat exchanger) should fail, you’ll get an entire replacement unit. That’s reassuring. This warranty is as long as 10-years on the HVA9, with other Ion models being covered for three to five years respectively, depending on the model. This sits alongside the usual parts warranty cover.

Heil does make it perfectly clear that to claim on any of its warranties you’ll need to prove the unit was installed by an authorized Heil contractor, along with having a current service contract. So ensure you keep your warranty safe at hand.

If you want a brand offering a similar warranty plus lifetime coverage on the compressor element, read our Amana central air conditioners review

A render showing the Heil HVA9 from the inside

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Heil air conditioners review: User reviews

According to the LifeStory Research 2021 America's Most Trusted Study, Heil is the third-best recognized HVAC brand, and nets an average level of trust amongst consumers. Beyond that, its brand position within ICP and Carrier makes it hard to get feedback on Heil directly as a business.

Generally, there’s little negative reporting on Heil air conditioners from home builders and installers. The general attitude is that Heil as part of Carrier gives it reliability, if lesser name recognition. On a HVAC Reddit, one installer said: “Heil nowadays is basically a Carrier. Both are very decent quality so don't lose much sleep picking between them.” 

While a customer added: “Heil came highly recommended and so I did a little more research so I could make an informed choice. So far the purchase has proved to be worth it.”

Should you buy a Heil air conditioner?

Heil is a well-respected name in the world of AC units, and enjoys extensive backing from a renowned parent company that specializes in air conditioning for homes. The product range is comprehensive, with a good selection of units for different budgets, sizes of home, and air cooling needs.

While the installation costs are higher compared to other brands, you will be partnered with a Heil Elite Dealer that knows the product ranges inside and out, so you should be in very safe hands. 

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Networx helps you find the perfect company or contractor for all your air conditioning needs. Use them to get the best quotes from companies that serve your area.

Networx helps you find the perfect company or contractor for all your air conditioning needs. Use them to get the best quotes from companies that serve your area.

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