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Home Security Without Contracts

Your home is your castle, and while installing a drawbridge and moat are not viable options for keeping your house safe, installing a home security system is a sensible solution for security-minded homeowners. Unfortunately, attached to most home security systems is the dreaded monitoring service contract that can lock you into costly payments and tax your budget for one to five years.

The majority of contracts also require you to pay for the remainder of the contract if you want to cancel before the expiration date. So what can you do to avoid the lengthy contracts and still have good coverage to protect your home and family?

DIY Home Security Packages

One of the first and best options you can pursue is to install a DIY home security bundle that does not require a monitoring contract, such as a SimpliSafe system. DIY home security systems are an excellent option for homeowners who are on a budget, as you can start with the basic control console and add to the system piece by piece. This customization is an appealing and affordable option for renters or condo owners who may have a smaller dwelling to protect and do not need as many sensors.

SimpliSafe offers prepackaged self-monitoring DIY systems ranging from its five-piece starter package to the Ultimate Package with 16 pieces. You can also purchase additional components from SimpliSafe, like smoke detectors alarms and motion sensors, to customize the system for your home. You can read more about this system and others in our DIY home security reviews.

No-Contract Monitoring Options

Self-installed systems generally require you to monitor the system yourself through an app, program or control panel. However, some DIY home security companies, such as Scout Alarm, offer various levels of professional monitoring as a month-to-month subscription if you use their equipment. Companies such as abode, SimpliSafe, SwannOne and Scout Alarm offer a premium monitoring subscription in addition to their product lines, giving you more options to protect your home and family.

The option to self-monitor offers freedom, but it comes with a great amount of responsibility. Ultimately, you are responsible for paying attention to any alerts that are messaged to you, and the response time can vary depending on the equipment and apps that allow you to monitor activity in your home.

If you want quality professional security monitoring without being penalized for canceling your contract early, LiveWatch is a home security system provider worth considering. This home security system requires you to sign a one-year contract, but it does not lock you into it, allowing you to leave whenever you choose if you are ever unsatisfied with the service or equipment or do not require its services any longer. Unlike the majority of home security system providers, LiveWatch does not charge any early-cancellation fees, making it basically the same as having a monthly subscription without a contract. You can read more about this service in our reviews of the best home security systems.


If you want to protect your home and family without leashing yourself to a long contract, or if you already have a security system installed and your contact expires soon, it is worth your time to explore DIY home security systems and subscription plan options to save you money. Finding a no-contract home security system may take some work on your part, but the freedom to protect what you want for as long as you want, without being tethered to a contract, can give you the peace of mind you need.