EZVIZ BD-2826B2 Review

Editor's Note: We originally selected a 720p system from EZVIZ, but it was unavailable as we began collecting systems for our review.

Our Verdict

EZVIZ comes with more cameras and hard drive storage than any other home surveillance system we tested. However, its 720p video quality doesn't hold up as well as the competition's during the daytime.


  • The EZVIZ system comes with six cameras.


  • Its daytime video is subpar.
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Editor's Note: We originally selected a 720p system from EZVIZ, but it was unavailable as we began collecting systems for our review. In the absence of a 720p system, we selected one with 1080p cameras, though our tests with these cameras were conducted at a 720p resolution setting so we could examine the subtler differences between manufacturers independent of which had the highest resolution.

Among the systems in our review, EZVIZ is the only one that comes with 1080p home video surveillance cameras. The system produces excellent video at this higher resolution, but we didn't take that into account during our testing, since our review highlights the differences between 720p home surveillance systems. EZVIZ produced excellent nighttime video. Its daytime video, although quite good, was among a few systems' daytime video that got the lowest score in our tests. EZVIZ technical support is good, though the system only comes with a one-year warranty.

During our daytime video testing, this EZVIZ had average video clarity at distances of 20 and 30 feet, but below-average results at 10 feet. It's not the only camera in our review to have trouble at 10 feet, as most of the lowest-ranking home surveillance systems had similar results. The contrast in the daytime video was good but didn't match that of the best home surveillance systems. Like the other systems we tested, EZVIZ produced excellent results in displaying colors accurately, capturing movement and showing a person's face clearly.

In nighttime video clarity tests, EZVIZ recorded excellent video close to the camera without washing out the details. The video at night had a little more noise than our top performers, but not so much that we couldn't identify a human face up to 20 feet from the camera. The system had a problem with contrast that tended to blur details together at a distance, a result we saw in two higher-ranked cameras as well.

EZVIZ is the only system in our review that comes with six home surveillance cameras. The NVR in this system has eight channels, so you can also purchase two more cameras if necessary. At 2TB, this NVR has more video storage capacity than any in our review, though we didn't rate systems on capacity. You can connect the NVR to your router for smartphone control and to view live video streams. To get help with your system, you can contact EZVIZ over email, phone and live chat. The one-year warranty this manufacturer offers is short compared to the ones offered by Foscam, Lorex and Q-See.

EZVIZ is a solid home surveillance system that offers excellent nighttime video clarity. Its daytime video clarity is decent, but among the lowest in our review. The system comes with six cameras, making it a good fit for larger surveillance environments.