Pros / This scrapbook software is attached to a network of users who love to share ideas and help each other.

Cons / There are a limited number of templates to start with.

 Verdict / Scrapbook MAX is a little bare bones on downloads, but for a little extra, you can add attractive templates and embellishments, and the community of hobbyists who use this product is an endorsement in and of itself.

Scrapbook MAX provides quick, learn-as-you-go digital scrapbooking. With a well-developed publishing and sharing community online, subscribers are able to upload and view scrapbooks made by thousands of different users. There is something very reassuring about working with a product that has as many experienced devotees as Scrapbook MAX does.

The greatest strengths of this software lie in its online, community-oriented design. Users provide peer-to-peer feedback, style tips and other information to one another, allowing the scrapbooks themselves to go beyond the typical audience of friends and family. If you are about to make your own digital scrapbook for the first time, you will find a lot of support within the Scrapbook MAX community. Along with its online community, the software provides video and picture CD publishing as well as print and binding services.

This scrapbooking software can import nearly 40 file formats. However, images cannot be directly imported from a digital camera or a scanner, requiring additional time for uploading and reformatting.

The software offers a user-friendly set of controls and applications. The one factor that makes it harder to use than other programs is the fact that it does not come with many templates or graphics. You have to buy what you want after the initial purchase. The Scrapbook MAX store is just a click or two away, though, and it is packed with a very impressive selection of kits broken down by themes and designers, and none of them are very expensive.

The video tutorials, user-guides and user forums hosted and provided by Scrapbook MAX are an excellent resource. Staffers answer questions on the forums during normal business hours, but there is not really a direct way to contact the company. That may lead to frustration if you just need a quick answer about something.

Scrapbook MAX does not have many graphics on download, so you pay extra for that. This does mean that you can select exactly what you want, for a price, and the array of compatible designs to choose from is great. Though it does not offer every feature we value, this scrapbook software has a very active following because of the great features it does have. That community will make for some great inspiration and friendships as you explore this hobby.

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