Pros / This is a basic, easy-to-use fan.

Cons / The digital display is bright, which may be a problem at night if you’re using it as a bedroom fan.

 Verdict / The Westinghouse WFTR40W has a basic design and simple functionality. This makes it easy to use, and its three speeds provide the right amount of power to cool an average-size room.

The Westinghouse WFTR40W has a simple digital display that is easy to read and clearly tells you the speed and the timer setting, but little else. This tower fan has basic functionality that aims for simplicity and succeeds at that. It doesn’t oscillate as widely as some of the other fans we tested but enough to get good coverage on all sides of the room. It is an inexpensive fan that is worth the money.

This fan produces a good airflow with three speeds that give you the right amount of variance to simply circulate the air in a room or turn it up a notch on hot days or to help dry out a flooded basement. It performed well in our power test. At its highest setting it ruffled all of the streamers on our wire mesh screen, both near the fan and across the room. It lost quite a bit of airflow between 15 and 20 feet, but that was not uncommon. This fan will work well for an average-sized room.

Like the digital screen, the remote is also designed with simplicity in mind. Unfortunately, it’s downright cryptic at first, with symbols replacing letters or words. After just a few minutes of use you quickly realize the symbols stand for fan power level, oscillation and timer, so it becomes easy enough to use. There is nothing flashy about the design either. It comes in one color, white, and sits on a basic stand. The handle on the back is big enough to double as a shelf for the remote and seems to be designed for that purpose.

The main problem with the digital display is it is sort of bigger and brighter than it needs to be given the minimal information it provides. This isn’t a problem most of the time, but it can be a problem at night. Some people may appreciate a fan that doubles as a night light, but others will be bothered by the distracting glow when they’re trying to sleep.

Other fans with digital displays, like the Ozeri OZF3, have a more subdued glow that isn’t a problem when it comes time to sleep. The Ozeri’s remote and digital display however, in contrast to the Westinghouse fan, have busy designs with too much information, which is hard to get used to. So they each have their strengths and weaknesses.

The Westinghouse tower fan is backed by a standard one-year warranty. If you need to contact customer support with questions, an online email form may be your best bet. If you need immediate answers there is a toll-free number on the customer care page you can call.


The Westinghouse WFTR40W is a nice fan with a basic design and functionality that is easy to use and provides plenty of power for a bedroom or other space. The bright digital screen might be a little bright if you’re using it where you sleep, however. The remote and control panel are basic, and although the symbols can be confusing first, they quickly become intuitive. This is a good option for the price and a good choice for cooling an average-sized room.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Design & Functionality

Power Score (percentage)
Maximum Noise Level (decibels)
Cord Length (feet)
6' 9"
Power Usage (watts)


Price (MSRP)

Help & Support

1 Year
Online User Manual


Height (inches)
Width (inches)
Depth (Inches)
Weight (Inches)


Speed Settings
Maximum Oscillation Angle
Minimum Timer Setting
1 hour
Maximum Timer Setting
8 hours
Available Colors