The Aquasana 1,000,000 Gallon Rhino is a saltless water softener with a mechanical prefilter and two chemical filters to create a complete water-conditioning solution for your home. The base system requires no electrical connections or drains for wastewater.

This water softener uses a system of filters to remove a variety of unwanted minerals, bacteria and algae from your water. The prefilter cartridge takes away rust and silt particles from your home's water before it goes into the water softener. This salt-free softener then runs the water through a catalytic media that transforms the calcium and magnesium into inert crystals. While there are many advantages to a salt-free system, many people prefer salt-based water softeners. We have included many salt-based water softeners, like the GE 30,400, in our reviews.

Water treated in this way retains its original hardness value, but crystallized minerals will not form scale inside pipes, nor will they spot or stain dishes, sinks or tubs. This also means you don't need a drain for wastewater. Aquasana does not provide any guidelines for the maximum water hardness that you can treat with this water softener.

Once treated, the water flows through two other chemical filters. The first is a copper-zinc media bed that removes chlorine and water-soluble heavy metals, which inhibits bacteria and algae growth. The second filtering process takes place in a tank containing activated carbon media that filters out organic chemical compounds.

You can add some optional components, including a postfilter that can remove particles as small as 0.35 microns from your water, and a UV filter that can kill most bacteria and viruses. Unlike the softener itself, the UV filter does use electrical power, so adding it will make the softening process show up on your power bill. These optional add-ons are good choices for homes with wells.

All components of this system, even the optional filters, are rated for a flow of 7 gpm. This is sufficient for homes under 3,500 square feet with 3.5 or fewer bathrooms.

The water softener media in this system has a lifespan of six years, while the main chemical filter lasts 10 years. You must change the prefilter cartridge every two or three months, but you do not need to replace the optional submicron postfilter that often. Instead, you can put in a new filter every six to 12 months. The optional UV light lasts one year. This water softener has a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, plus a 10-year warranty on parts and equipment.

The Aquasana 1,000,000 Gallon Rhino provides complete water conditioning for your home. This saltless water softener uses a mechanical prefilter and two-stage chemical filter, with the option to add on UV and submicron filters. The main system requires no electricity or wastewater drain.

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