The GE 30,000 Grain Water Softener is a salt-based home water softener that uses a resin bed to remove minerals from your home's water supply. It also removes clear-water iron and has electronic controls to manage the regeneration cycle.

This whole-home water softener system removes up to 95 gpg and 7 parts per million of clear-water iron from your home's water supply, which is good for areas with extremely hard water. It has a 7.5 gpm service flow rate, and its resin bed removes a total of 30,000 grains of hardness before it requires a regeneration cycle.

Unlike salt-free water softeners, like the Aquasana Rhino, this GE water softener must undergo a regeneration cycle periodically to remove minerals from the resin beads that clear minerals from the hard water. The salt water softener regenerates its resin bed by flushing it with a brine solution that removes calcium and magnesium from the media.

This regeneration cycle removes 4,800 grains of hardness from the softener media per pound of salt used. The salt reservoir holds up to 200 pounds, so you do not have to lift those heavy bags of salt to refill it very often. Regeneration uses 2.8 gallons of water per 1,000 grains of hardness removed, and a regeneration cycle lasts less than two hours. A typical regeneration cycle uses 35.5 gallons of water.

As a salt-based system, this home water softener requires a power connection for its control unit and a wastewater drain for the used brine solution from the regeneration cycle. The control panel lets you schedule the regeneration cycle for a specific time, such as late at night so that it does not interfere with your household water use.

You can also set your water's hardness level so the unit can properly calculate resin capacity based on water flow. It uses these two features to determine how often it should run a regeneration cycle. Two additional controls let you force an immediate regeneration or force one at the next scheduled time. You can set the low-salt warning alarm so that it reminds you to refill the salt reservoir.

The softener has a limited one-year warranty on the entire appliance, a three-year warranty on the electronic controller, and a 10-year warranty on the brine and resin tank. It comes with the fittings and values required for basic installation, but additional plumbing connectors may be required to complete installation.

The GE 30,000 Grain Water Softener provides a very high softening capacity along with clear-water iron removal. It does not offer additional filtration features. As a salt system, it requires an electrical connection and a wastewater drain. The electronic control panel includes a low-salt alarm and timer features, so you can schedule regeneration cycles around your household water usage.

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