The US Water Aquatrol 56SE Metered Water Softener is a whole-home water softener system that comes in four sizes. You can choose the size with sufficient water flow and hardness capacity for your household.

This salt water softener has a separate resin tank and salt reservoir. These tanks vary in size depending on which version of the US Water Aquatrol you choose. The salt reservoir is 14 x 25 inches for the smallest version and 15 x 35 inches for the largest. The smallest media tank is 8 x 44 inches, and the largest is 12 x 52 inches. The controller unit for the regeneration cycle is mounted on top of the softener tank, adding to the height. This softener also comes with basic parts for plumbing connections.

The smallest version of this water softener has a service flow rate of 7 gpm at its peak level and 5 gpm at its normal level, with a hardness capacity of 26,000 grains. The largest has a peak flow rate of 20 gpm and 17 gpm at normal level, with a hardness capacity of 70,000 grains. With four different sizes available, you can easily find the best water softener for your household's water usage needs.

This unit requires a drain for the used brine solution and electrical power for the regeneration controller. The controller allows you to set the time of day, the regeneration start time and the hardness of the source water, so the unit can automatically start regeneration when the media reaches its capacity.

A regeneration cycle uses 8 to 20 pounds of salt, depending on the size of the unit you choose. You can also initiate an immediate regeneration for periods of heavy use. This water softener offers you detailed control of the regeneration cycle, making initial configuration somewhat complex.

The US Water Aquatrol series has a five-year warranty on valve parts, electronics and softener media. The media warranty is void if you use this softener to remove iron or manganese from water, or if you use it with water sources that have high chlorine concentrations, as it is not designed for these types of water conditioning. This water softener also comes with a lifetime tank warranty. The WaterBoss 700 is a salt-based water softener with a three-year parts warranty and a 10-year warranty on the salt and softener media tanks.

As the US Water Aquatrol is available in four sizes, each with different flow rates and hardness capacities, it is easy to find one that is right for your household's size and water usage. However, note that if you have iron in your water supply, this negates the warranty on the softener media.

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