Pros / The estimated annual energy cost for this unit is low compared to other window air conditioners.

Cons / This product does not feature a dry setting to remove excess moisture from the room.

 Verdict / If you want a window AC unit that is compact and powerful, the Frigidaire FFRE0633Q1 is one of the best options available for your home.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The Frigidaire FFRE0633Q1 is one of the best window air conditioners available. This window AC unit can cool a room up to 250 square feet in size. It comes with three fan and three cooling settings, so you don’t have to endure a stifling hot room. Additionally, this window air conditioner is one of the most compact on our lineup. It is an Energy Star qualified device and boasts impressive energy efficiency.

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The performance from this window AC unit is excellent. It uses up to 6,000 British thermal units (Btu), which is the amount of energy needed to heat or cool 1 pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. The more Btu an air conditioner has, the larger the space the device can cool. This Frigidaire model can cool a room of approximately 250 square feet. Furthermore, this device removes up to 1.3 pints of moisture from the air per hour and features an airflow of 152 cubic feet per minute, which is quite good.

Another advantage of this product is its energy efficiency. This window air conditioner is Energy Star certified and boasts an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 11.2, which is excellent. The best window air conditioners have an EER of 10 or greater.

Furthermore, when we compared the estimated annual energy cost of this product, it was cheaper than many energy-efficient window air conditioners. We estimated the energy cost of the product based on eight hours of use a day for a three-month period. This Frigidaire unit’s estimated cost was $46.31. Many similar products were several dollars more each year.

The Frigidaire FFRE0633Q1 is UL Listed, which means the air conditioner unit has passed public safety standards and been tested by Underwriters Laboratories. It is also AHAM certified, which means it has received a performance certification by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. Both organizations use independent laboratories to make their assessments.


A remote control is included with this product, and it allows you to easily adjust the settings and temperature of your window air conditioner, no matter where you are located in the room. The remote features numerous setting options, a timer and a power button.

There are several settings and modes on this product, including three cooling speeds. When using the cool setting, the fan and compressor run to lower the temperature of the room. You can also use one of three fan settings to run the fan without the compressor. In this mode, the fan helps circulate the air in the room without actually cooling the room down. Additional modes include an auto mode and an energy saving mode.

In addition to those listed above, this product features a sleep mode. It is useful, and not all window air conditioners offer this advanced feature. When the unit is in this mode, your selected temperature increases by 2 degrees Fahrenheit every 30 minutes. Once the room reaches this new temperature, it remains stable for up to seven hours before the unit automatically switches back to its original temperature.

Unfortunately, there is no dry setting that works to remove excess moisture and humidity from a room. This is a valuable setting if you live in a humid area. If you need a window air conditioner with such a dehumidifer setting, the Danby DAC060EUB5GDB is a good alternative.


Its compact size is another highlight of this cooling unit. For such a powerful air conditioner, it is quite compact. Many cooling units with this much power are much larger and bulkier. This product is only 13 inches tall, 18.5 inches wide and 15.5 inches long. It also weighs only 44 pounds, making it one of the lightest room air conditioning units we reviewed.

Design & Warranty

The Frigidaire FFRE0633Q1 is covered under a one-year limited appliance warranty and a five-year sealed system warranty. This is the average warranty on this type of product. However, if you do come across any problems with the device, you can speak with representatives from Frigidaire via telephone and email. There is also an online manual and a FAQs section on the company website that may help answer your questions.


The Frigidaire FFRE0633Q1 is easily one of the best window air conditioners available. This product not only features plenty of power to cool up to 250 square feet – it also provides many settings and modes you can choose from to ensure you maintain the most comfortable temperature for your room. It is one of the most energy efficient products on our lineup, and its annual costs are reasonable when compared with similar air conditioners. Furthermore, it is a compact unit, saving you space in your home. Overall, if you want a product with plenty of power and a variety of features, the Frigidaire FFRE0633Q1 is worth your consideration.

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