Pros / This was one of the better ones for cooking evenly.

Cons / Lackluster warranty coverage means you are sort of on your own with this one.

 Verdict / There are units with more capacity and more cooking power, but the Toshiba EM925A5A-BS did just fine on most of our tests.

The Toshiba EM925A5A-BS was not perfect, but it strikes a good balance between features that matter and a reasonable price. And it was practically perfect on some tests. In fact, it had the highest score for consistency out of all our units, so food is heated evenly from one side of the plate to the other. That is a nice change when you compare it to microwaves that leave cold spots in frozen dinners and other dishes.

This microwave's even cooking was especially evident on the marshmallow test. We melted an even layer across each unit's tray and then purposely burned them slightly to see heating patterns. The marshmallows on the EM925A5A-BS tray were pretty evenly browned all the way across. That was not the case with many competing units – some of which had brown stripes as a heating pattern and others that had brown concentric circles.

This one was average on our popcorn popping test in most ways. It left about 6 grams unpopped, which is not bad. There were no burned spots at all and that was pretty rare during our testing. The potato we microwaved also came out almost perfect by using the potato button. Overall, it scored well cooking different types of food.

This is one of the smaller microwaves we tested, but it was not the smallest. When we loaded it up with a relatively large dinner plate and glass, there was plenty of room left. It also fit a mixing bowl and a large popcorn bag just fine. If you want to be able to cook large family dinners, though, this might not be the best bet. Consider the RCA RMW1414 instead.

This microwave is not the most powerful we tested. It has only 900 watts of power, but it should have enough power for most tasks. It did just fine on our testing tasks.

You get a nice assortment of presets and power levels with the EM925A5A-BS, including popcorn, potato, pizza, frozen vegetable, beverage and dinner plate buttons.

A longer warranty would add to the value of this microwave, though it is not surprising for one at this price point to have just one year of coverage on everything.

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The Toshiba EM925A5A-BS did a nice job on our tests. It was especially good at maintaining the same heat levels across its cooking surface, so you are less likely to run into cold spots as you enjoy your food.

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