Pros / This food processor is great for slicing and shredding.

Cons / This KitchenAid leaks a lot of fluid on the high-speed setting.

 Verdict / Although it struggles with some foods, you get generally excellent work from this food processor; it slices many types of vegetables evenly, shreds cheese well and makes a great cookie dough.

The hearty KitchenAid 14-Cup KFP1466ER is just the right food processor if your cooking repertoire calls for slicing plenty of foods. This high-performing and sturdy model features an adjustable lever that ranges from thick to thin, and sizes in between, so you can set it to slice foods to come out precisely the way you want them.

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    11.38 cups


In our testing, we found this KitchenAid model did a great job with certain foods, although it couldn't master everything. It chopped onions into acceptable sizes, did well chopping spinach using a slicing disk (this spinach would have worked nicely in a soup or spaghetti sauce), and sliced potatoes very well, producing uniformly sized pieces and only two unsliced chunks. It also did a good job creating reasonably consistent sliced raw mushrooms.

When we shredded cheddar cheese, there was only a tiny bit of unsliced cheese left over. Unlike some less-than-stellar food processors that simply cannot handle hard cheeses, the KitchenAid 14-Cup did a great job with Parmesan cheese and grated it into very uniform pieces.

We also put this KitchenAid to the test blending dry chocolate chip cookie ingredients with an egg and softened butter. Interestingly, the processor’s dough blade didn’t work as well with this mixture as the multi-purpose blade, which reached to within an 8th of an inch from the side so it gathered all the ingredients and blended them together well.

When we made a puree with raw cauliflower and a bit of water, we ended up with a mixture that was rather grainy, but was still an acceptable puree.

However, attempts to grind almonds was a flop. After 40 pulses, our 8-ounce bag of almonds turned into a lot of big chucks of almonds and considerable almond dust, neither of which would be consistent enough for any dish.

We put water into this food processor to check for leaks, and we got a flood leaking out on the high setting, but only a tiny bit of leaking, almost like a few teardrops, on the low setting. The amount of leaked water from the high setting required wiping down the machine, and wiping up spilled water from the counter and floor.

Cleaning & Convenience

This food processor is dishwasher safe (top-rack), and it’s also is fairly easy to clean with soap and warm water, although there are plenty of parts, so hand-washing can take some time. This KitchenAid model also is relatively easy to use, with enormous buttons on the front. However, we noticed we had to press the buttons quite firmly; it takes more than a fleeting touch of a button to get this machine going.


This is a sturdy and durable food processor. It is a bit heavy, so you would probably keep it stored on the kitchen counter, but it's attractive red and black machine. No food processor is really quiet, but this one was second quietest we tested coming in at 81.8 decibels. That is close to the sound of a kitchen garbage disposal.

You get plenty of accessories with this KitchenAid. Included in your purchase is the 14-cup bowl and a smaller 4-cup bowl that comes with multi-purpose blade. There are also two lids (one with a feed tube for putting ingredients into the processor and another lid without a feed tube), a reversible shredding disk, an adjustable slicing disk, a dough blade, a multi-purpose blade, a dicing kit and a handy storage case with a lid that can hold all these items in one spot so you don't have to rummage around in a kitchen drawer to find what you need.

Warranty & Support

This food processor is covered by a one-year warranty for parts and labor, and the motor also gets coverage for one year. If you run into any difficulties, you can call or email the company or check its FAQs section. The website also provides useful video tutorials and numerous tips for preparing food.


The KitchenAid 14-Cup KFP1466ER food processor doesn't chop nuts well and is iffy when it comes to making raw vegetable puree, but our other food tests show it does a great job and can make your meal preparation and presentation much easier.

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