Pros / It makes great spiral vegetable noodles.

Cons / You can’t slice or shred with this food processor.

 Verdict / The Ninja Precision Processor NN310 chops vegetables quickly and well, and it makes great veggie noodles. However, it isn’t the sturdiest food processor around, and you have to chop vegetables by hand before this appliance can handle them.

Anyone who has taken to the latest healthy food trend of vegetable noodles can get plenty of use out of the Ninja Precision Processor. It makes great spiral-shape noodles out of all kinds of vegetables that you can substitute for pasta if you need to avoid gluten or want to prepare a vegan or vegetarian dish. This food processor also does a speedy job chopping such things as onions and spinach. You end up with uniform, evenly shaped pieces, and the spinach isn’t torn and bruised.

This processor also holds fluids well, and during our testing, we found virtually no leaking – even some of the best food processors we tried leaked all over the counter and dripped onto the floor. This was a plus when we tried to puree cauliflower with a bit of water using the Ninja. In no time at all, we got a smooth, genuine puree that was not at all grainy in texture.

Overall, the Ninja Precision Processor functions nicely when chopping soft foods, but it doesn’t have a slicing disk and it doesn’t shred. While our testing indicates that the processor generally works best with a number vegetables, it is not a very effective multipurpose machine. For starters, the written instructions for preparing veggies for a salad direct you to chop them by hand into 1-inch chunks before using the food processor to finish the job – that’s quite a bit of effort for something other food processors can take on without all that prep work.

We also found that this isn’t the most solidly built appliance. One of the three plastic guides inside the chute snapped off while grating cheese, and we ended up with a partly broken food processor and thick ribbons of cheese speckled with tiny bits of broken plastic.

In addition, running potatoes through this processor created ribbony shapes, but they were not consistent in size. Also, our Parmesan cheese did not grate well – when pulsed, it ended up as small chunks that were not uniform in size. When trying to chop almonds, we got uneven chunks and a lot of grounds that were as fine as dust.

Since this processor only holds 4 cups, we needed to reduce the ingredients for mixing cooking dough. We found that the butter didn’t fully incorporated into the dry ingredients, so the dough did not have a good consistency.

Another drawback is that this food processor comes with many small parts, which means you need to put more effort into cleaning it than other models if you wash the pieces by hand. Fortunately, you can put the parts on the top rack of your dishwasher, which should save time.

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    10.89 cups


In all, this food processor does a few things very well, especially when it comes to spiralizing noodles and working with soft foods. However, it is decidedly lacking when it comes to slicing and shredding tasks, which are jobs that most cooks expect their food processors to do.

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