The versatile Thorkitchen HRT3618U gas cooktop gives you six burners, one more than the other products we researched, and an impressive heating range among these burners so you can simmer delicate sauces on extremely low heat, then turn to a hearty power burner to sear meat.

This sleek stainless steel cooktop gives you two front burners whose power levels extend from a remarkably low 650 Btu, which is perfect for melting butter or chocolate, up to 15,000 Btu, which works well for general cooking. You also get three rear burners that each reach a respectable maximum of 12,000 Btu. The middle front burner goes as high as 18,000 Btu, which works nicely for cooking that requires high heat, like stir fry dishes.

The Thorkitchen HRT3618U is built for durability. It features cast-iron grates that give you a flat surface that extends evenly over the entire surface of the cooktop. This lets you do things like safely and easily slide a hot, heavy pan from one spot to another without having to lift the pan. The front-facing control panel is easily accessible, and you simply turn the durable stainless steel knobs to control the heat and flames. If you prefer more recessed control knobs,take a  look at the LG Stainless LCG3611ST.

This cooktop is factory preset to use natural gas, but you can buy an optional LP converter kit if you want to use propane gas to operate it. Much of the clean-up work is relatively easy with this cooktop since the burners are sealed, which helps prevent drips from falling beneath the cooktop.

Unfortunately, the burner caps are not dishwasher safe. Instead, you must remove them and scrub them with detergent and hot water. The surface also can be cleaned with soap and water, or you can use a commercial cleaner designed for such surfaces if you prefer.

This gas cooktop is 36 inches wide, 27 inches deep and 7 inches high, and weighs in at 90 pounds. Unlike most other cooktops that come with the industry-standard one-year warranty, the Thorkitchen HRT3618U is backed by a two-year warranty for both parts and labor. The company website provides a user manual, warranty information and a FAQs section. If you encounter problems, the manual offers a section for troubleshooting, and if that fails, you can contact the company by phone, email or live chat for answers to any questions.

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