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Frigidaire’s stainless FPGF3077QF gas range has a great selection of burners and good heat output. It also features an oval-shaped burner in the center but unfortunately does not include a griddle with the purchase price. However, the stainless, smudge-proof finish is an attractive complement to the black cooktop and accents.

The Frigidaire Professional FPGF3077QF gas stove has a fine selection of burners. The primary burner, located in the front right, reaches a generous 18,000 Btu heat output, which means you can quickly heat a pan filled with water, soup stock or various other food items. In addition, you get a slow-simmering 5,000 Btu burner in the back right part of the stovetop that you can use to melt butter or gently simmer a delicious, but delicate sauce.

This gas range also employs two midrange burners with outputs of 9,500 and 12,000 Btu that are great for everyday cooking as well as holiday feasts. The central burner is an elongated shape and produces 10,000 Btu of heat. Frigidaire doesn’t include an integrated griddle to use on this burner, but you can buy one separately. The center burner is useful for griddles and roasting pans because it accommodates their rather unusual shape well and cooks the food evenly.

The size of the oven cavity is about average – 5.6 cubic feet. The broiler outputs a decent 13,500 Btu of heat, and the oven can heat up to 550 degrees. The Frigidaire’s broiler is great for quickly melting cheese and crisping up garlic bread, and its oven temperature is good for pizzas and other doughs.

Frigidaire’s PowerPlus Convection evenly bakes food, no matter the pan’s position in the oven. This gas stove comes with three oven racks that you can place in the six available rack positions. One of the racks is offset, which means the main rack portion is positioned lower than the two holding sections that slide into the rack holders. This gives extra height to accommodate such things as large roasting pans or turkeys. With this gas stove, you do not get a telescoping rack that glides smoothly in and out on ball bearings.

This gas oven self-cleans using tremendous heat, but you can choose increments of two, four or six hours for your cleaning cycles, depending on how dirty the oven is. The Frigidaire Professional FPGF3077QF gives you high-heat self-cleaning, but if you prefer another method, the LG LRG4115ST offers a steam cleaning capability that uses water and does the job in 10 minutes.

There isn’t a timed baking shutoff feature or control lock, but you do get a Sabbath mode if you need to restrict baking during certain times for religious reasons. You get a handy drawer underneath that provides storage for pots and pans.

Frigidaire warranties the FPGF3077QF for one year, which is standard for freestanding gas ranges. Customer service is accessible during daytime hours, including on Saturdays. You can also email customer service with issues but you do not get live chat. Should you run into any difficulties, you can always consult the manual and warranty online, and there’s a good FAQs section and corresponding YouTube channel if you’re new to cooking with gas.

The pleasant design of the continuous grates and contrasting finish make this a stylish addition to your kitchen. While it’s missing some features like an integrated griddle, the burner mix is great and the temperature range is fine for home cooks who value a gas range.

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