Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The GE Profile PGS950SEFSS has earned considerable popularity largely because of its versatility, which is aided by the fact that this is a double oven gas range. You get a top oven with traditional heating and a lower oven with convection heating. A conventional oven typically uses a heating element at the bottom and hot air rises around food, while a convection oven uses a fan in back to circulate hot air evenly. Both types cook well, and armed with one of each, you can roast, bake and broil different types of foods at different temperatures at the same time with this GE model. This dual oven feature gives you enormous leeway in choosing a menu and making the foods you love, so holiday cooking with its many dishes will be a breeze.

This is equipped with a keypad with separate controls for each oven, and each also gives you self-cleaning racks, with one roller rack on the top and two flat racks in the lower oven. This oven gives you an impressive 6.8 cubic feet of interior space. You get a signal that tells you when the oven is preheated, and you can broil foods nicely, although only in the upper oven. This gas range also comes with a Sabbath mode so you can safely keep foods warm if you keep a kosher kitchen for religious reasons. Since you are getting two ovens with this GE model, there is no room for a storage drawer, so you’ll need to find other space in your kitchen to keep pans, utensils, broiler racks and the like.

As for the stovetop, you get five burners, and one is a tri-ring burner with a remarkable “Power Boil” capability of 20,000 Btu, which is quite powerful and will help you get pasta water boiling in no time. You also get a “Precise Simmer” burner with a mild 5,000 Btu, which gives you the opportunity to carefully melt butter or chocolate, or gently heat sauces. The cooktop’s sturdy cast iron grates extend from one edge to the other on top of this gas stove. The knob controls for burners and the electronic control panel is located on the front of this GE model. If you don't like having electronic controls there, the Samsung NX58F5700WS/AA offers a rear electronic control panel above the burners on the stovetop.

In the center of the cooktop, there is an oval area that can handle roasting pans or other cooking containers that can be set on top of the grates. You get a reversible cast iron griddle with this gas stove, with a flat area on one side for great pancakes and eggs, and a ribbed grill on the other so you can grill steaks or salmon and let excess oils drain off, not to mention getting those attractive grill marks on your food.

You can do a bit of oven cleaning by hand if you want, using mild soap or a half-vinegar, half-water solution and a soft cloth. However, this GE model comes with self-cleaning mode that will make keeping your oven in good shape easy.

GE offers a one-year warranty on the gas range parts and for labor. If you encounter any problems or have questions, you can make use of a downloadable owner’s manual on the company website, look at the FAQs section and video tutorials, or contact the company via email, phone or live chat.

With the GE Profile PGS950SEFSS gas range, you can easily take on all the preparation for Thanksgiving, family reunions or a big party. The dual oven gives you plenty of options for oven-cooked foods, and with its fast-heating and just-simmer burners, along with the handy reversible griddle, the stovetop presents enough different features to accommodate just about any cooking style.

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