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Maytag is a well-known appliance manufacturer, and it has specialized in making household appliances for over 100 years. The MGR8700DS 5.8 cubic foot convection oven is a great addition to the mid-price gas range market. It is also a great way to enjoy features like a decent burner selection and convection baking at a low price.

This gas range features a variety of burners, including a respectable 17,000 Btu primary burner in the front-left position. The other large burner reaches 15,000 Btu, and the smaller burners range between 5,000 and 9,500 Btu of heat output. The grates come off in two pieces, and the shiny black cooktop finish is easy to wipe down. The cooktop surface is gently recessed to catch any spills, and the burners are all sealed to prevent debris from falling below the cooktop.

The convection oven has 5.8 cubic feet of space, which is average for gas ranges. Maytag’s EvenAir True Convection uses a sturdy fan for air circulation to provide consistent roasting and baking results. The maximum temperature is a modest 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Some cooks prefer higher maximum temperatures for crisping pizza crusts and other quick-baking doughs. The broiler is among the less-powerful we reviewed; it reaches 11,000 Btu, while several other manufacturers have broilers rated at 13,500 Btu. You can, however, vary the broiler temperature depending on your needs.

The oven includes two racks: a standard straight rack and a Max Capacity rack. The Max Capacity rack has a pan surface level that drops below the rack position to accommodate very large roasting pans for efficient use of oven space. If you need more oven racks, the Kenmore 75232 offers three racks, which might suit your needs better.

The MGR8700DS has a self-cleaning cycle, timed bake shutoff function, Sabbath mode and control lock for safety. The drawer below the oven is built to store pots and pans, and the drawer’s guides are ball-bearing rather than the typical clumsy indented steel. A steam self-cleaning cycle, integrated griddle and warming drawer would have been useful additions, but the range does have an independent warming setting for the oven.

Maytag warranties parts and labor on its gas stoves for one year. In addition, it warranties the cooktop grates and burners, the baking and broiling burners, and the oven for 10 years. You can also find the manual and warranty information on Maytag’s website, and the company offers customer service via phone and email.

Maytag’s midrange gas oven is a good option if you’re on a tight budget and don’t mind missing out on a few features like steam self-cleaning. The cooktop has a good range of burner heat output levels, and it’s easy to maintain. The storage drawer handles the weight of multiple pots and pans with ease. The primary burner and broiler burner run at a slightly lower Btu rating than many of the other ranges we considered, so while this range has one of the best warranties, it’s a little light on heat output.

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