If you enjoy cooking and trying new dishes, a gas range with a versatile cooktop would no doubt be a wonderful addition to your kitchen. The Samsung NX58F5700WS/AA gas stove comes with plenty of top-notch extras on its stovetop that will make it easy for you to whip up a giant pot of cooked lobster, buckwheat pancakes, stir-fried Kung Pao chicken, a delicate Béarnaise sauce and many more delectable treats. The five-burner cooktop includes one remarkable dual power burner than can output 18,000 Btu to speedily bring a huge pot of water to a rolling boil, but also can be adjusted downward as low as 1,000 Btu to simmer a rich cheese sauce without making it clump together.

The left front burner is powerful as well, using 15,000 Btu; the left rear and center rear burners output 9,500 Btu, which works nicely for traditional home cooking; and the right rear burner offers a low 5,000 Btu for gentle cooking. The center area is an oval-shape “bridge” that can handle things like roasting pans. You can also position a handy removable griddle in the center, which lets you prepare more fried eggs, pancakes or sandwiches than you could with just a skillet.

One welcome feature on this Samsung stovetop is the included wok grate that can accommodate the curved bottom of a wok so you can prepare authentic Chinese dishes. The rounded bottom of a wok typically does not cook well on a standard burner, so this grate is a real boon for people who want to make home cooked Asian foods.

Besides the helpful cooktop, you get a good-sized 5.8 cubic foot convection oven with this gas range. Convection cooking uses a fan at the back of the oven to swirl the heat evenly throughout the interior as foods cook. There are two standard oven racks and another heavy-duty rack that operates with ball-bearings so it slides smoothly in and out, which makes it safer and easier to handle big items such as turkeys, hams or roasts. There are seven rack positions so you can arrange the oven racks as needed to bake, roast or broil. You can keep an eye on your food without opening the oven door by looking through the large window. The versatile Samsung NX58F5700WS/AA is a great gas range, but if you want a bigger oven, the LG LRG4115ST might work better for you with its 6.3 cubic foot oven.

This oven is equipped with a delay start mode so you can put something in, set the time and then go about other activities, with the oven starting to cook the food at the correct time. If dinner is delayed on a weeknight or you are cooking for a large group, you can use the oven’s Keep Warm feature that works for up to three hours, or make use of the warming drawer below the oven to keep things hot enough to be appetizing, but not dried out. You also get a Sabbath mode to keep foods warm if you keep a kosher kitchen. Oven cleaning is easy since this a self-cleaning model that uses high heat to clear away messes.

The Samsung NX58F5700WS/AA gas stove offers an abundance of features for baking, roasting and broiling in its oven, but it is especially helpful thanks to its flexible and well-designed cooktop. For anyone who is a good cook, or who aspires to be, this gas range is a good choice.

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