Pros / It’s small, lightweight, solidly constructed and provides an excellent grilling experience.

Cons / It’s relatively low powered, only producing about 9,500 btu worth of heat.

 Verdict / For the money, this is the most portable infrared grill you can buy.

As far as portable infrared grills go, the Char-Broil Grill2Go is the best you can get for your money. It’s durable, lightweight, easily moved, cleaned and stored, provides great heat distribution and consistency and has the largest grilling area among the portable grills we reviewed. Those features combined with a price tag of less than $100 make this grill a superb choice to take with you on outings such as camping, tailgating parties and picnics.

The first thing we noticed about this infrared grill is the sturdy construction. It’s die-cast firebox along with sturdy aluminum lid can take a great deal of punishment without breaking, which is very handy when taking it on the road. Additionally, the handles on this unit are heat resistant.

Cooking with this grill was a pleasure. During our testing phase, we lined up all the grills we tested side-by-side to get a feel for which ones performed best. And since we did this in a semi-public place, we had more than a few onlookers present. We allowed them to inspect and comment on the grills we were using. And of those who expressed a preference for table-top grills, the majority favored the Grill2Go.

The heating element of the Grill2Go can produce up to 9,500 btu worth of cooking energy. This makes it the lowest powered unit we tested. However, it will still produce the heat needed to cook your meat safely, even if it takes a bit longer to preheat. It also does a good job at distributing heat evenly and consistently. To test heat consistency, we measured the temperature of this grill with at seven, 14 and 21 minutes after ignition, as well as timing how long it takes to return to its preheated temperature after the lid had been open for one minute. After we complied the data from all the grills we reviewed, only the Char-Broil Patio Bistro and Char-Broil Performance performed better. And unlike other portable grills in our lineup, this one has a built-in temperature gauge, so you won’t have to guess the temperature of the grill.

The grilling area of this infrared grill measures 240 square inches. This may not seem like much, but for a portable grill, it’s huge. The other tabletop grills in this category, the Solaire Everywhere and Magma Newport, only have 140 and 162 square inches of cooking space, respectively. And those units cost hundreds of dollars more. You can easily fit six hamburger patties on the grilling plates. That’s the second most we saw during our evaluation, only our top pick the Char-Broil Performance can fit more – but it is a full-sized grill.

Great construction, a larger than expected grilling area, good heat consistency and easy portability is what caused us to name the Grill2Go the most portable infrared grill. On top of all that, it’s an excellent deal, costing less than $100 at the time of publication.

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