Pros / It has a lifetime warranty.

Cons / The attached propane tank must hang off the edge of a table or other surface.

 Verdict / There are too many problems with this grill to justify how much it costs.

The Solaire Everywhere cooks well enough. It's also portable enough to take along for a camping camping, tailgating party or family picnic. It has good heat consistency and a lifetime warranty. However, there are some major drawbacks that kept it in the lower tier of our rankings.

Chief among these problems is the grilling experience itself. While a tabletop model is great for certain uses, the way this grill is designed requires you to set it at the very edge of a table or other flat surface so the attached propane tank can dangle to the side. This is monumentally inconvenient because it limits where you can place the grill. And in situations where tabletop space is at a premium, it’s not an ideal choice.

Additionally, because of its size, you can only cook four hamburger patties on its 140-square-inch cooking area at a time. This is fine for small occasions but completely insufficient for things like neighborhood barbeque parties. Our top pick can cook more than a dozen frozen burger patties at a time.

The heat it generates is about average among the grills we reviewed. The burner will produce about 14,000 Btu, and it has relatively good heat consistency, even though it's impossible to tell how hot it is because it lacks a built-in thermometer. We had to use an infrared heat gun to gauge the temperature.

The most annoying thing we experienced with this grill was that the model we bought did not come with a propane tank regulator, making it impossible to attach fuel to the unit. We had to delay testing this unit for a week while we waited for replacement parts to arrive.

The most impressive thing about this grill is its lifetime warranty for both the burner and other parts. This should tell you something about the quality of the grill's construction. The next best grill warranty we saw was five years.

For a tabletop grill that costs $300, we were disappointed in the performance of the Solaire Everywhere. It has good heat consistency and will cook your food adequately, but annoyances such as the propane tank design and lack of a built-in thermometer hampered our grilling experience.

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