Pros / This mini fridge can hold a gallon of milk and a 2-liter bottle at the same time.

Cons / It can’t be used in a garage.

 Verdict / The Magic Chef MCBR440S2 has a roomy, well-configured interior but is still compact enough to fit in small spaces.

The Magic Chef MCBR440S2 mini fridge has 4.4 cubic feet of interior space, making it the largest model we reviewed. Thanks to its well-designed shelving system, it can hold a gallon of milk and a 2-liter bottle at the same time. Even though it has a lot of space inside, this refrigerator is still quite small, measuring just 9.5 x 33.1 x 22 inches. As such, it fits neatly in a corner or under a counter in a home office or rec room. However, you need to leave enough space around it for air to circulate freely.

Inside the fridge, there are two easy-to-clean glass shelves you can slide into five positions to accommodate foods and containers of different heights. On the bottom, the MCBR440S2 has a see-through crisper drawer to keep produce fresh. At the top of the fridge sits a full-width freezer compartment that comes with an ice cube tray.

In one section of the door, there’s a can dispenser that holds six standard-size drink cans. On the upper right, the door has a small half shelf, and below that there is a half shelf that fits medium-size bottles and jars. You can store a gallon of milk, a 2-liter bottle and another bottle in the door’s full-width bottom shelf.

This mini fridge has a reversible door – you can attach the door to either the left side or the right side, depending on which way you need it to swing open. As such, you can put the MCBR440S2 almost anywhere.

Thanks to its interior light – a feature many mini fridges don’t include – it’s easy to see inside this Magic Chef model. It also has an automatic defrost feature, which makes it easy to clean compared to models that need to be defrosted manually.

Unlike some mini fridges, you can’t use the Magic Chef MCBR440S2 in a garage, as the manufacturer recommends against doing so. Also, this fridge is a bit pricey. If you want one that works well but costs less, take a look at the Haier HC33SW20RB.

Magic Chef covers this mini fridge with a one-year general warranty. It also includes a five-year warranty on the compressor parts.

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