The Oster 20-Cup Digital Rice Cooker is huge. This electric rice cooker takes up over a foot of counter space. That’s double the size of most small rice cookers, but it's also much larger than rice cookers with a comparable capacity. However, for feeding a large family or providing rice for the entire office, the Oster 20-Cup Digital Rice Cooker will make enough for the crowd. If you’d like a smart rice cooker, but don’t need quite so much cooking capacity, check out the Aroma 12-Cup Sensor Logic rice cooker.

This stainless steel rice cooker comes with a cool-touch, locking lid. The lid and accents are shiny black. The removable inner pot has a non-stick coating. The control panel lets you program this model to cook white rice, brown rice, porridge or soup. It also has a steam only setting. There is also a delay timer feature, in case you want to set it at night and wake up to fluffy rice in the morning.

A steaming tray, a rice paddle and a measuring cup are included with the Oster 20-Cup. With its sheer size, the steaming tray can hold far more meats and veggies than most rice steamers on the market. The design, however, can present a portability problem. The unit itself ways around 7 pounds, and with a full pot it could easily weigh close to 20 pounds. While other rice cookers on the market include convenient handles, the side handles on the Oster 20-Cup are difficult to grasp and make carrying the rice cooker a chore, especially when it's loaded with rice. For these reasons, it is best used as a stationary steamer.

If you run into issues with your Oster 20-Cup Rice Cooker, you'll find phone and email contact information on the company website. Oster also offers a FAQs section specifically for rice cookers and a couple of recipes you can try.

The Oster 20-Cup Rice Cooker stands out for its size at a comparably affordable price. The unit is designed as a stay-at-home steamer, and its size and weight make it a chore to move around. The digital features and variety of settings are a nice bonus and a step up from basic rice cookers.

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