The Panasonic SR-G10G is a compact and easy-to-use pot-style rice cooker with the capacity to hold 5 cups of uncooked rice. There is only one switch required to begin cooking rice, and the plastic side handles make the unit convenient to carry to an office or neighborhood potluck. This is a quality rice steamer at a mid-range price.

Panasonic understands the importance of design, and this small rice cooker is both functional and convenient. The interior pot of this Panasonic electric rice cooker is removable, and the components are simple to clean. Indicator lights on the control panel are easy to read and tell you when the rice is done. The removable glass lid reduces mess and helps to create perfectly steamed, fluffy rice. This model has some difficulties making brown rice, so if you love brown rice, consider the Aroma 12-Cup Sensor Logic rice cooker that has a setting just for brown rice.

Some lower-end cookers tend to overcook the rice at the bottom, but the Panasonic SR-G10G cooks evenly, and the non-stick pot works well to make cleanup easy. A measuring cup, a non-stick spatula and a spatula holder are included with the rice maker, giving you everything you need to cook rice with the machine right out of the box. Like most cookers, this model includes a steam basket, though it is a bit smaller than those offered by other manufacturers.

As with other pot-style rice cookers, this Panasonic has a steam vent on the top of the lid. There is not a dew collector like those found in cool-touch rice cookers, so steam from the rice tends to moisten the lid or spit out water if the pot is filled to capacity. For this reason, you should leave extra room on top.

The Panasonic SR-G10G is pot-style cooker that is simple to use. The plastic side handles make the rice cooker easy to carry around, making it great for bringing rice to a party or work potluck. While this model is more expensive than comparable rice cookers, Panasonic is known for longevity in its products, and the extra investment in a quality electric rice cooker can be worthwhile.

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