Pros / The RYOBI P2060A adjusts for height, edging and multiple cutting lengths.

Cons / This trimmer has a below-average 18-volt battery.

 Verdict / This well-designed, multifunctional weed cutter can help you keep the weeds in control and your lawn manicured.

The RYOBI ONE+ P2060A is a uniquely designed electric string trimmer with a lot of great features. It has a durable plastic and metal design, which makes it a lightweight tool, weighing in at 8 pounds. It has just the right amount of heft to give it a sturdy feel without putting strain on your body. This is an adjustable cordless trimmer that starts quickly and is easy to use. It has plenty of power to plow through heavy weeds and edge or trim all types of grass. Its overall functionality makes it one of the best electric trimmers out there.

Trimmer Design

This trimmer is designed with economy in mind. It has a minimalistic design that makes good use of its features. The head rotates up and down in one easy motion to position it for edging, with an edge guard to keep it on track. While it doesn’t give you the same control you get with wheels, it works well. The shaft extends for people of different heights. The handle also adjusts so you can find just the right angle to work comfortably.

Power & Battery

While the 18-volt battery is on the low end of power compared to other cordless trimmers in our comparison, like our top pick the Black & Decker LST136, there isn’t a huge difference in terms of performance. If you try them side by side, you will notice a slight difference in power, but they perform similarly, yet the Ryobi costs less. The battery charges fully in just one hour and has a long life. You would notice the biggest difference in power if you were cutting through thick weeds, but for most jobs its power is more than sufficient.

This RYOBI string trimmer shares an interchangeable battery with all of the products in the ONE+ line of products. If you run out of power in the middle of a job and own multiple ONE+ products, you can switch out the battery from another device to finish the job.

String Features

You can set the string to either 10 or 12 inches, depending on the type of weeds and grass you have. This unique feature makes this trimmer a versatile tool. Plus, the option of keep the spool length at 10 inches will extend the battery life by putting less strain on the device. This feature also allows you to trim and cut different types of terrain.

If you are trimming a narrow strip of lawn between the sidewalk and the fence, for instance, having the option of a shorter cutting path will come in handy. The max swath of 12 inches is below average when compared to other trimmers in our lineup. However, 12 inches is plenty of line for most tasks. The line feeds automatically from the handle, so you generally won’t have to mess with the cap until you need to replace the spool. The RYOBI has a single-string design which doesn’t have quite as much cutting action as a dual-line for tough grass, but that also means you’ll spend less time fixing it if the spool gets tangled.

Warranty & Support

This trimmer comes with a three-year warranty, which is standard. You can download a comprehensive PDF manual online that will answer many questions you may have about how to use the product, its parts and functionality.

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  • Total Weight
  • Number of Lines
  • Cutting Path
  • Length of Warranty
  1. How much the trimmer weighs with the battery installed.
    Less is better.
  2. 2  RYOBI
    6.65 Pounds
  3. 7.8 Pounds
  4. 3  WORX
    7.7 Pounds
  5. Category Average
    6.67 Pounds


The RYOBI P2060A is great trimmer with a unique design and all the functionality you need to weed, trim and edge your yard. The 18-volt battery provides plenty of power to do most tasks, though tougher jobs could be taxing. The shaft adjusts for different heights and the head rotates for edging. The cutting width also adjusts to either 10 or 12 inches to accommodate different terrain and to save on the battery.

RYOBI P2060A Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks

Trimmer Design

Total Weight (pounds)
Edging Position
Edging Guide
Adjustable Shaft Length
Starter Safety Device
Cord Retainer
Not Applicable

Power & Battery

Not Applicable
Average Battery Run-time (minutes)
Battery Charge-time (hours)
Batteries Included
Interchangeable Battery

String Features

Cutting Path (inches)
Recommended Line Diameter (inches)
Number of Lines
Line Feed Type

Warranty & Support

3 Years
Repair & Service Locator
Phone & Email Support
Owner Manual Download