Pros / The Trimmer Joe has a unique, lightweight design.

Cons / It has a small cutting path and no precision edging capability.

 Verdict / This bump-feed trimmer has basic functionality and is designed for the single purpose of trimming a small yard. While it’s very affordable, there are other trimmers in the same price range that can do more.

The first thing you’ll notice about Sun Joe's Trimmer Joe TRJ609E is its unique design. It doesn’t look like any other electric string trimmer in our lineup. Instead of a straight metal shaft, it, has a green 38-inch plastic shaft that is slightly curved at the bottom. It is an extremely inexpensive, lightweight trimmer with a small cutting path that is designed for one purpose, to trim a small lawn. It has no edging features such as a rotating head or a wheel.

This corded trimmer weighs in at just 3.3 pounds and has a small 3-amp motor. It has a tiny cutting path of 9.45 inches, much smaller than the other trimmers in our lineup. While the ergonomically friendly weight will save your back, you might be out there trimming your lawn for longer periods, and it’s only suited for trimming and clearing weeds in a small space.

The trimmer operates on a bump line feed system. You simply need to tap the trimmer’s head on the ground and the spool lengthens. You can also stop the device and tap it with your finger. The shaft on this trimmer doesn’t adjust for height, and the head doesn’t rotate or adjust for different terrain. So while this is an affordable grass trimmer, it’s functionality is very limited.

The two-year warranty, which is shorter than average, covers the product in case something goes wrong. While this may be a valid option for a person with a small yard who isn’t concerned about edging, this weed eater falls behind the competition in almost every regard. An electric weed eater in the same price range with more functionality, including a shaft that adjusts for edging, is the Greenworks 21212.

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  • Total Weight
  • Number of Lines
  • Cutting Path
  • Length of Warranty
  1. How much the trimmer weighs with the battery installed.
    Less is better.
  2. 10  Sun Joe TRJ609E
    3.3 Pounds
  3. 7.8 Pounds
  4. 2  RYOBI
    6.65 Pounds
  5. 3  WORX
    7.7 Pounds
  6. Category Average
    6.67 Pounds


Sun Joe's Trimmer Joe TRJ609E has a unique, lightweight design that will save your back, but may add minutes to your job with its modest 9.45-inch swath. The 3-amp motor of this corded trimmer is one of the least powerful motors we saw. Its plastic shaft is not extendible, and the head doesn’t rotate for edging. Its low price is reflected in its cheap construction and limited functionality. There are other low-priced weed eaters in our lineup that are more solidly built and can do much more.

Sun Joe TRJ609E Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks

Trimmer Design

Total Weight (pounds)
Edging Position
Edging Guide
Adjustable Shaft Length
Starter Safety Device
Cord Retainer

Warranty & Support

2 Years
Repair & Service Locator
Phone & Email Support
Owner Manual Download

String Features

Cutting Path (inches)
Recommended Line Diameter (inches)
Number of Lines
Line Feed Type

Power & Battery

Not Applicable
Average Battery Run-time (minutes)
Not Applicable
Battery Charge-time (hours)
Not Applicable
Batteries Included
Not Applicable
Interchangeable Battery
Not Applicable