Pros / This 1/2-horsepower garage door opener can lift up to 350 pounds.

Cons / The control panel buttons are small and hard to press if your hands are full.

 Verdict / The Genie QuietLift 800 is a belt drive garage door opener that opens quietly and packs more power than most 1/2 hp door openers. It’s a good choice for homes with sectional doors.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The Genie QuietLift 800 is a quiet garage door opener that uses a belt instead of a chain to lift your garage door. It is equipped with a 1/2-horsepower motor, which is strong enough to lift a sectional wood or metal door that weighs up to 350 pounds. Most 1/2 hp door openers only lift doors up to 300 pounds. While this is plenty of strength for most doors, you still need a 3/4-horsepower garage opener if you have an extra-large or heavy door. Which is avialable in our top pick, Chamberlain Premium Whisper Drive.

The Genie QuietLift 800 comes with two 3-button remote controls and a three-button control panel that allows you to turn on the lights and lock the door from being used by the remotes. This function is helpful if you lose a remote or are going on vacation.

While most control panels feature an oversized door button, the QuietLift 800 control panel has three slim buttons. This can make it difficult to press the right button if your hands are full with grocery sacks or other goods.

While belt garage door openers are not completely silent, they typically run much more quietly than chain-driven units and are a good choice if you are sensitive to noise or if you have a bedroom next to or above the garage. This belt-drive garage door opener has all the standard safety features the best garage door openers include. It has automatic reversal, utilizing two laser beam sensors located at the base of the garage door. If the beam is broken by anyone or anything crossing it, the door automatically opens to avoid causing injury to children or animals. The opener is also sensitive to pressure and will stop and lift the door if it comes into contact with anything while it closes.

This Genie QuietLift is an affordable garage door opener that comes with a 10-year motor warranty and a one-year warranty on all other parts, including the belt and railing. You can reach Genie by email and phone if you need assistance. In addition, if you need another copy of the owner's manual, you can download it off the product webpage.

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The Genie QuietLift 800 is an affordable garage door opener that is worth considering if you want to save some money. It has a little more power than most 1/2 hp garage door openers, capable of lifting doors up to 350 pounds. In addition to its ability to lift heavy doors effectively and quietly, this garage opener includes the essential safety and security features you need and will immediately reverse if it detects motion. It’s a nice choice for an opener in this price range.

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