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Pros / This company has the most transparent pricing in the industry.

Cons / Its selection of hot tubs and customization options is lacking.

 Verdict / You can buy Canadian Spa Company hot tubs from a variety of big-box retailers or on the company’s website without going through the hassle of requesting a quote.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks in our top ten. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Canadian Spa Company is the only hot tub manufacturer we reviewed that lists prices for its spas on its website. All other manufacturers require you to submit a form or visit a retail location to get a quote.

One reason this company can transparently advertise its prices is it includes features most other companies consider optional as standard. For instance, instead of having to add an ozone water purification system to your six-person hot tub, it comes included, along with an audio system and hardtop cover. Those types of accessories are add-ons with manufacturers like ThermoSpas and Caldera Spas. The downside of including accessories with the purchase is it’s hard to find a low-cost, simple hot tub.

The company’s hot tub shells are surrounded by high-density, closed-cell foam. This insulation, along with the infrared-lined insulated cabinets, traps in heat and makes the spa energy efficient, which can save you money on your electric bills.

However, this insulation is difficult to work around if you need to replace parts in the cabinet. Every Canadian Spa Company replacement part can be purchased directly from the company’s website or ordered from participating retailers like Walmart and Home Depot.

Canadian Spa Company sells 11 hot tub models and one swim spa. The models aren’t organized on the website by series, but the prices and accessories are clearly displayed.

Here are a few of our favorite models:

Halifax SE: The Halifax spa has 22 jets and room for four adults. It’s the only model Canadian Spa Company makes that can be plugged directly into a conventional 120-volt outlet, so you don’t have to hire an electrician to help install it.

This hot tub comes standard with multi-color LED mood lights, an ozone purification system and an aromatherapy canister. Delivery to your curbside is included in the hot tub’s $6,000 price tag.

Ottawa: The Ottawa is a circular hot tub that’s a good fit for large families or people who entertain guests. There are 38 stainless steel water jets and room for six adults.

It comes standard with an audio system with pop-up LED speakers, an ozone purification system, and a waterfall. Canadian Spa Company has a good selection of optional furniture for this hot tub, including a glass-top bar and a weather-resistant love seat that fits around the outside of the cabinet.

Niagara: This is the largest and most equipped hot tub in the Canadian Spa Company catalog. It is also one of the deepest hot tubs we reviewed – 39 inches at its deepest point. You can fit seven adults in its multi-level seating arrangement, which includes a no-float lounge seat that has 16 jets in four configurations.

The spa’s Balboa digital controls are easy to use and can adjust the multi-color LED perimeter mood lights. The Niagara comes standard with a UV ozone purification system, audio system and adjustable jets for each seat. The $12,000 price tag may seem expensive, but it includes curbside delivery and is less than the price on most seven-person luxury tubs we reviewed.

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