Pros / The Toro 51621 has the fastest air speeds of any leaf blower we reviewed.

Cons / It lacks cushioned handles and an anti-vibration function.

 Verdict / This Toro leaf blower is affordable and has several nice features like variable speeds and vacuuming and mulching capabilities. It is corded, which adds to its power but detracts from its mobility, so it may be best suited for people with small or medium-size yards.

The Toro 51621 serves as a blower, vacuum and leaf mulcher in one machine. It's a compact model, but it extends to a generous 41 inches in length. This puts it closer to the ground so you can power through yard, driveway and patio cleanup quickly. This is an electric leaf blower, so it lets you clean your entire yard without running out of battery power or gas, but this also means it needs to be plugged in, so your movement range is more limited than with a cordless model.

This leaf blower doubles as a vacuum and leaf shredder. With a metal impeller, it shreds leaves and debris into fine pieces, making them easy to bag and haul away. This blower clocked a max air speed of 250 mph, the fastest of all the leaf blowers in our lineup. This means it can push leaves and debris farther than most leaf blowers. There is also a variable speed control dial so you can adjust the speed to fit the task. For example, when moving air over sawdust, flowers or anything else you don't want scattered or damaged, a low air speed is preferable.

This blower also comes with multiple air tubes to suit a variety of purposes. The main tube moves debris away from your house or greenery. The power insert tube creates piles and wind rows, while the concentrator tube is narrower and effectively moves debris out of cracks and edging.

While its cord is only a couple of feet long, this model is designed to connect with an extension cord so you can cover a greater distance. It weighs around 7 pounds, so it should not be a problem for most people to carry.

The Toro 51621 produces 96 dB of noise, which is average for a leaf blower. The quietest leaf blower we reviewed, the Black & Decker LSWV36, only produced 86 dB worth of sound. Its blow length is 16.8 feet, which is on par with most of the blowers we evaluated. This means you can cover a wide area without needing to move around quite as much. This leaf blower does not have anti-vibration features or a cushioned grip on its handle, which would reduce muscle fatigue.


The Toro 51621 is an affordable leaf blower with a lot of nice features, including vacuuming and mulching capabilities, speed variability and multiple air tubes for a variety of different jobs. It also has the fastest air speeds of any blower we looked at, which is partly due to power generated from its corded design. While the cord provides power, it also limits its mobility. A long extension cord will go a long way in stretching across a yard, and it will do a good job of clearing leaves and debris from your yard.

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