Pros / You can choose from standard, heavy-duty and ASME models.

Cons / Its troubleshooting indicators are located on the back of the control panel.

 Verdict / The Pentair MasterTemp is a good gas pool heater with great thermal efficiency.

The Pentair MasterTemp is a 200,000 Btu (British thermal unit) gas heater that was designed to be both energy efficient and easy to use. Like other gas heaters, the MasterTemp is a great option for quickly heating your pool. Its operational costs can run a bit high, though, so it's best if you don't use it every day. Because it works independent of the outside temperature, it can heat your pool during cooler weather, unlike heat pumps like the Hayward HeatPro.

The MasterTemp is available in both propane and natural gas options, as well as in several sizes from 175,000 Btu to 400,000 Btu. You can also choose from heavy-duty (HD) and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) models, which are top of the line and a little more sturdy. The HD models have cupro-nickel heat exchangers to enhance the heater's resistance to corrosion, but they have a slightly lower thermal efficiency rating. The standard copper heat exchanger has a rating of 84 percent, while the HD model's is 82 percent. All models meet or exceed low NOx (nitrogen oxide) regulations, even in the areas with the strictest regulations.

This Pentair pool heater features a weatherproof exterior and rotating display, so you have access to the control panel no matter which way the heater is installed. The control panel features a digital temperature display, temperature setting buttons, on buttons for the pool and spa settings, an off button, and LED indicators, so you can easily review your heater's activity.

There are two LED indicators that let you know if something is wonky with your heater, with additional troubleshooting LEDs on the back of the control board. Some other heaters, like the Hayward Universal H200, show error messages on the digital display, which is an easier way to go about troubleshooting, especially for issues that do not require professional repairs or service.

The MasterTemp has two settings – a pool setting and a spa setting – that you can configure to your desired temperatures. You can also lock temperature controls and set maximum heat settings.

Pentair offers a two-year limited warranty on the MasterTemp pool heater, and you can reach customer support via phone or the online form on the company's Contact Us page. You can also register your heater with Pentair online or by mail with the information that comes with the product. We recommend hiring a professional to install your pool heater, as improper installation can void your warranty and possibly cause dangerous malfunctions like gas leaks and fire.

The Pentair MasterTemp 200,000 BTU heater is a quick-heating gas pool heater with 84% thermal efficiency and a rotating control panel and display. It is a good option if you're looking for a straightforward gas heater.

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