Let's Find The Right Swim Spas Service For You

Pros / You can get propeller or paddlewheel swim spa current depending on the model.

Cons / Underwater exercise equipment is expensive.

 Verdict / SwimEx spas use paddlewheel and propeller current, making their swim spas some of the smoothest for lap swimming in place.

This company has spas for personal homes and professional use along with exercise equipment you can buy separately or have built in. SwimEx Pools can be installed "virtually anywhere," according to the website," and are made with fiberglass composite around a balsa wood core. The fiberglass maintains water pressure and is non-slip while the wood core provides strength and insulation.

There are six different residential models including the Triton and the 400 S, 500 S, 600 S, 800 S and 1000 S Series. The Triton has propeller-driven swim current, which is better than models that use jets because its stream is deeper, smoother and wider, though not as much as paddlewheel current. It is 50 inches deep, has 99 speed settings and a non-skid floor surface, among numerous other user-friendly features. The water flow is even generated by the same kind of industrial-grade motor that produces paddlewheel swim spa current.
The 400 Series swim spa, on the other hand, uses a paddlewheel to create swim current. This creates the strongest, widest current on the market by pulling water through and pushing it out the other side of the swim spa. The 500, 600, 800 and 1000 models all use paddlewheel current as well. The designs all vary with the 1000 model being the largest. The smallest model available is a 2,600-gallon swim spa while the largest holds 7,700 gallons. This is the widest capacity range of the websites we evaluated, so we’re sure you’ll be able to find something for families large or small. With any of these pools, you could do a wide range of exercises including weight lifting, resistance training or even walking on an underwater treadmill.

You can customize your swim spa with more options than you ever realized you needed. The 1000 S can come with up to 12 hydrotherapy jets, two underwater lights and a natural gas, propane or electric heater, depending on your preferences. You can choose underwater lights and jets for the 600 S along with colored work stations, an integrated treadmill, custom pool and coping colors or touchscreen monitor for your workout program. Regardless of the model you choose, you can customize it to fit your needs in the "options" tab of the website.
If you don't want your equipment built into the spa, an aqua bike and underwater treadmill are available for purchase separately. Both cost upwards of $2,000. SwimEx also has an exercise DVD set available if you need help getting started. The website also has a lot of information about the benefits of aquatic therapy, but you should always talk to a doctor before trying any kind of regimen.

And speaking of the website, there aren’t any prices available up-front. Instead, prospective customers should submit an inquiry for a price quote. We did just that and got a response back from a sales representative in 23 hours and 14 minutes, the third-fastest response time from the companies we evaluated behind PDC Spas and Arctic Spas. Some of the websites we submitted inquiries to didn’t respond for almost a week or didn’t respond at all.