Pros / This security system has optional elder care devices.

Cons / If the system loses power or its internet connection, it doesn’t alert you via phone when it restores.

 Verdict / home8alarm offers unique DIY home security options compared to other companies on the market. It is a great choice for those who want to monitor their homes themselves and have video proof of any questionable events. The siren isn't as loud as others we tested, so this is better for smaller homes.

The home8alarm Video-Verified Security Alarm for DIY home security includes several helpful devices to keep your home safe and secure. You get a base station that home8alarm calls a security shuttle, a mini cube camera, two door and window sensors, a motion detector, and a keychain remote. home8alarm lets you monitor your home yourself for free, and you can upgrade to the premium subscription for $9.99 a month, which allows unlimited users to receive notifications. Professional monitoring is not available.

Installation of home8alarm's system was easy. Everything in the kit was preprogrammed, so all we had to do was plug the hub into our router with an Ethernet cable. You can rename the devices through the mobile app. We tripped the alarm and the siren from the security shuttle registered at 85 decibels from 3 feet away. At 20 feet away, the alarm registered at 70 decibels, which is slightly louder than normal conversation, so you may want to place the hub close to a door or window to maximize the sound. In addition to the siren, a verbal notification plays.

The security camera works with the motion detector and the contact sensors to record video during an event and for 25 seconds afterward, which means you are likely to see exactly what occurred. You have the option of arming and disarming your home security system from the mobile app or using the included key fob, which is convenient.

We tested the home8alarm system to see how it reacts to loss of power and its internet connection. The system beeped loudly, so if you're home, you can restore power or internet to the hub. You won't know if power is lost at any time when you are away from home because the system does not notify you once it is back online.

home8alarm sells a variety of security and smart home devices that you can add to your system. It also sells some unique products specifically for elder care such as activity trackers, fall detectors, automatic medication dispensers and panic buttons. No other DIY home security system we tested offers elder care devices. We’ve also tested and reviewed the best medical alert systems for your elderly loved one, so check it out for more information. home8alarm also works with smart home products from Philips Hue, Google Home, IFTTT, Amazon Alexa and others.

home8alarm offers a one-year warranty on its products, which is standard for DIY security systems. The company has more customer support contact options than most of the companies we tested. Its support staff is available by phone, email and live chat on weekdays and weekends.

Although home8alarm isn't the best DIY home security system, it comes close thanks to its unique device options and easy installation. Unfortunately, you can't have your home professionally monitored, and there's no battery backup. Also, keep in mind that if your home loses power, your security system doesn't let you know once it's restored.

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