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Pros / Your home automation system works with a universal remote control.

Cons / You do not get fire, smoke or carbon monoxide sensors with the system.

 Verdict / URC emphasizes making your home comfortable and fun by filling it with music and mood lighting, but it falls short in home security.

Unlike a number of home automation system companies in business today, URC is not primarily planted in the world of home security and branching out. Instead, URC’s focus is on home comfort and controlling the finer things in your life, so it is great for filling your house with music, showing movies at home, dimming the lights, controlling the thermostat and setting the scene for just the right atmosphere at just the right time.

This company is a bit weak when it comes to securing your home. For example, the home security equipment selection does not include sensors for fire, smoke or carbon monoxide, which are standard with other home control systems. You do, however, get the ability to do such things as remotely lock and unlock doors, view live video feeds of you home and property, adjust lights, and operate the garage door. Any home security monitoring arrangement you choose is between you and the URC dealer in your area.

You can learn quite a bit about URC while shopping for home automation systems online, since its website has many examples of actual homes, yachts, home theaters overlooking swimming pools and more that it has equipped with home automation devices. The website also has a What’s New? page filled with information about the latest innovations from URC. It also is easy to find a dealer by typing your zip code into a search function on the website. It is clear the emphasis is on feeling comfortable and enjoying your home, with repeated references to entertaining and making your family and visitors feel at ease. Support for your home automation system comes from the dealer. URC equipment comes with a two-year warranty, which is not unusual in this industry but doesn't match the lifetime warranty from ADT.

URC has a 25-year history of making universal remotes, and it offers a wide selection of equipment from a large number of dealers. Given that this company puts such a strong emphasis on modern home entertainment and comfort equipment, and there is a great deal from which to choose, it is unusual that none of its offerings are voice controlled. One strong suit for URC is its LED lighting offerings, which are part of the company’s Total Control home automation system. You control these bulbs using a Total Control remote, keypad, or a smartphone or tablet, and you can lower the lights or brighten the room as you please. These bulbs are designed save energy and last an estimated 20 years.

URC Total Control Compare Quotes
  • Equipment Warranty
  1. The number of years the equipment is under warranty. 11 indicates lifetime coverage.
    Longer is Better.
  2. 8  URC
    2.0 year(s)
  3. 3.0 year(s)
  4. 2.0 year(s)
  5. 3  Savant
    2.0 year(s)
  6. Category Average
    4.25 year(s)


URC provides plenty of equipment that can help you create the right mood and comfort level in your home. Keep in mind that its primary focus is comfort rather than complete home security monitoring and home automation.

URC Total Control Compare Quotes

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