Pros / Q-See home surveillance systems have a two-year warranty.

Cons / The system has poor video contrast at night.

 Verdict / Q-See has excellent customer support resources, but the hardware is average among home surveillance systems.

Q-See offers many of the features that make up a good home surveillance system. The system had average daytime and nighttime video scores for our review. The system has strong customer support and isn't too difficult to install. This makes it a good option for your home, but Q-See doesn't have anything that really sets it apart from the crowded market.

In our daytime video performance tests, the Q-See system had excellent color accuracy and allowed us to see human facial features at a variety of distances from the home surveillance cameras. We could see our test chart fairly well at every distance we tested, but higher-ranked systems, like Foscam and Lorex, had better clarity and contrast. That said, Q-See performed better than about half of the systems we tested.

At night, the system's video didn't have very much noise and did a great job recording movement. However, the system had a problem with contrast in the video that reduced its effectiveness past 10 feet. Closer to the camera, the video quality was very good, though not as clear as that of the best home surveillance systems.

The system isn't very difficult to install. Most of the trouble comes from hiding the video cables and mounting cameras on the wall. The system's NVR has a storage capacity of 1TB, which easily supports the four included cameras. You can install the cameras outdoors if necessary, since each has a metal housing that is both water- and dust-resistant.

If you connect the NVR to your router with an Ethernet cable, you can access camera settings, recordings and live video with a smartphone following a QR code setup process. The Q-See app was the only one in our review that crashed during testing, which lowered the score for its ease of use slightly. For technical support options, Q-See excels with a two-year warranty, which is longer than those of most competitors. If you have problems with your system, you can contact Q-See over email, phone or live chat.

Q-See's video quality is very good, though it does have limitations, including low contrast at night. The system is reasonably easy to install and has great customer support options. When it comes to home video surveillance, Q-See is a good choice, but there are better systems out there.

  • Video Quality - Day
  • Video Quality - Night
  • Ease of Use
  1. This score represents how well each system displayed video during the day.
    Higher is Better
  2. 5  Q-See
    84.0 %
  3. 1  Foscam
    96.0 %
  4. 2  Lorex
    96.0 %
  5. 3  Swann
    87.0 %
  6. Category Average
    87.25 %
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Warranty & Support

2 Years
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