Pros / You can connect the smoke detector to other Asante smart home devices.

Cons / It doesn’t have a carbon monoxide sensor.

 Verdict / The Asante Smoke Detector Kit is difficult to install and set up, but once everything is in place, it’s an efficient and convenient way to monitor your home for fires.

The Asante Smoke Detector Kit is an adequate smart smoke alarm for your home. Its biggest strength is that it connects all the smoke alarms in your house over Wi-Fi. The Asante smartphone app lets you remotely monitor your home and sends you notifications when an alarm goes off. However, we found that the smoke detectors and their associated Wi-Fi network were difficult to install and set up, and the kit didn’t fare well in our detection tests. Nevertheless, the Asante Smoke Detector Kit is a convenient and effective way to monitor your home for fires.

Asante’s starter kit comes with two smoke detectors and a Wi-Fi extender, though you can buy additional detectors separately if you need more. The Wi-Fi extender makes sure all the detectors can connect, even in a large house. Of all the smoke detectors we reviewed, the Asante kit was the most difficult to install. Even with the instructions, it took more than an hour to install the smoke detectors and set up the Wi-Fi network. However, once everything was up and running, we found it to be convenient and useful. If you’re not familiar with electrical work, internet modems or Wi-Fi routers, you may want to choose another smoke alarm like the Nest Protect or the Halo+.

After you install and set up your detectors, you can download Asante’s free mobile app on your iOS or Android. The app is your main hub for monitoring your home, and it’s where you receive notifications if there’s an emergency. When the system detects smoke, the alarm sounds, and you receive a notification on your mobile device, which is helpful if you’re away from home when an emergency happens. You also can contact emergency services directly from your device.

The Asante smoke detectors didn’t perform as well as some of the other models we tested. We sprayed simulated smoke from an aerosol can five, 10 and 15 feet away from the installed devices and timed how long it took for the alarms to sound. From five feet, it detected the smoke in eight seconds, which was the fastest time we recorded at that distance. However, at 10 and 15 feet, it didn’t detect the smoke at all, even after using an entire can of test smoke.

Our results in this test don’t mean the Asante alarms won’t work if your house is on fire, simply that a higher density of smoke is required to set them off if the source is more than 10 feet away. You’ll still receive a notification about the emergency, it will just take longer than eight seconds.

You should also keep in mind that these alarms don’t detect carbon monoxide. They’re the only smoke detectors we reviewed that can’t, so you have to buy carbon monoxide detectors separately, and they won’t connect to Asante’s wireless network.

This smoke detector kit is just one part of Asante’s wider smart home system. You can also purchase devices like security cameras, garage door openers and sprinkler controllers, and they all connect through the wireless network you set up for the smoke detectors. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with any mainstream smart home platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings and Wink. This smoke detector has an abysmal one-year warranty, the shortest in our review, to make things worse, it's detector lifetime is only five years, half as long as other smoke detectors we reviewed.

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