Securifi’s Almond+ is a wireless router with an extra trick up its sleeve; it’s also a DIY home automation hub. Almond+ can control a variety of DIY home automation products and lets you create automatic rules to govern how your system acts. Securifi offers international customer support for the Almond+.

Almond+ does something very clever: it takes a device you already have in your home and turns it into a functional smart home hub – a wireless router. This DIY home automation controller supports Z-Wave and ZigBee home control technologies as well as Wi-Fi. Additionally, Almond+ is compatible with popular smart home brands such as Amazon Echo, Nest, Philips Hue, Aeotec and many others. It is not compatible with Bluetooth smart home devices.

Not only can you control the Almond+ with Android and iOS smartphone apps, but also with any web browser. Web browser interfaces aren’t very common in DIY home automation systems. On the wireless router side of things, Almond+ has dual-band Wi-Fi radios and four Gigabit LAN ports, which allow you to connect both wireless and wired internet-capable devices to your home network. Almond+’s two USB 3.0 ports allow you to connect external hard drives to create central media servers for your digital content.

This DIY home automation system lets you create rules and scenes to control your home. Scenes are a specific combination of smart home devices controlled by a single command in the app. For example, you can dim the lights in the TV room and turn down the thermostat if you’re staying home to watch your favorite show. On the other hand, rules let you tell the system how to respond to certain events. For example, if a sensor detects high humidity in the bathroom, it automatically turns on the bathroom exhaust fan until humidity drops to acceptable levels again.

You can get customer support from Securifi in a number of ways. For personalized support, you can contact the company directly via email, live chat or one of the company’s many international telephone support numbers. You can also get help through FAQs, a user forum and quick-start installation manuals. Almond+ has a one-year warranty.