The Iris by Lowe’s DIY home automation system was created by Lowe's, which is known for its chain of home improvement stores. This system comes with a good feature set, easy controls and great software compatibility. Though Iris lacks entertainment integration, it has great technical support, and you can always go to the nearest Lowe's store if you need face-to-face assistance. Rather than buying online, Iris by Lowe’s is one of few DIY home automation systems you can also find in a retail store.

The features included with the Iris by Lowe’s DIY home automation system give you full control over most of the devices in your smart home. Unlike many other DIY home automation systems, Iris Smart Hub doesn't natively support Wi-Fi; instead, it connects to the internet via an Ethernet connection to your router. Iris by Lowe’s is compatible with the Z-Wave and ZigBee home control technologies, and it supports HVAC and security systems.

Iris by Lowe’s has a nice remote access feature, which complements its software compatibility. For example, you can access Iris by Lowe’s remotely using the Iris by Lowe’s app if you have an Android or iOS smartphone. Remote access gives you a way to see the status of your home while you're at work.

There are two different starter kits if you need equipment to add to your Iris Smart Hub: Iris Home Security Pack and Iris Home Automation Pack. The Iris Home Security Pack adds a keypad, motion sensor and two door sensors to your system, with a couple service plans that help you monitor your home while you're away. The Iris Home Automation Pack has two door sensors and a motion sensor, as well as a smart button and smart plug to add remote control to your lights and appliances.

Lowe's offers great technical support for Iris through email and a toll-free telephone number. If you prefer to handle your DIY home automation projects on your own, there are FAQs and product guides on the company’s website. You can even find video tutorials within the FAQs topics. While Lowe's does not provide dedicated Iris live chat support, you can get live chat help on the Lowe’s website.

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