Pros / It’s one of the least expensive portable generators you can buy.

Cons / It produces the least power of all the portable generators we reviewed.

 Verdict / Small, compact, lightweight and price make it a great buy for “just in case scenarios.”

The WEN PowerPro 56101 is a great portable generator because it’s small, lightweight and convenient. It has a 1-gallon gas tank that will last about five hours on a half load. You get two electrical outlets on this generator: one 120V outlet and one 12V. It’s very quiet putting out just 60 dB of noise while running. It’s also one of the least expensive portable generators you can buy. You can pick one up for a little more than 100 bucks – other portable generators we reviewed can cost thousands of dollars.

This mini portable generator’s main selling point is its size and weight. It’s basically just a little box that weighs about 35 pounds (42 pounds when the tank is filled to capacity), so it is very easy to pick up and move around. It packs well into any trunk and can easily be taken to remote locations. It has a convenient handle on top that makes it comfortable to pick up and carry.

The PowerPro 56101 has a 1-gallon fuel tank that you fill with regular unleaded gasoline. On a half-load, you can expect it to provide 1,000 surge watts and 900 rated watts for five hours. Anything beyond a half-load will increase the generator’s fuel consumption rate and lessen the amount of time it provides power.

Given its small form factor, this mini generator only has two power outlets on its control panel. One is a regular 120V outlet, like the ones in your home’s walls, and the other is a 12V outlet like you find in your car. This is great for powering common items like computers, radios, televisions and more; but it won’t help if you need to power bigger things like heavy-duty refrigerators and RVs.

In addition to being small and light, this mini generator is extremely quiet. While running, it only puts out about 60 dB of sound. This means that you won’t have any trouble hearing conversations or sleeping on a camping trip. Larger and more powerful generators often put out much louder sound.

This is one of the least expensive portables on the market today. Depending on where you buy, you can expect to pay anywhere from $115 - $150 for this device. Compare that to full-sized portable generators, which often cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. It’s a great deal.

If your portable power needs are light, then the WEN PowerPro 56101 is a great choice. It provides the electricity you need at a low price, lasts a reasonable amount of time and weighs very little so you can take it pretty much anywhere you need.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Power Ratings

Rated Watts
Surge Watts

Power & Fuel Performance

Fuel Type
Surge Wattage Increase
Fuel Efficiency (gallons per hour)
Running Time (hours)
Fuel Capacity (gallons)
Engine Displacement (cc)
Automatic Idle

Control Panel Features

Household Outlets (120 volt AC)
Industrial Locking Outlets (120/240 volt AC)
Car Charger Outlets (12 volt DC)
Electric Ignition
Fuel Gauge
Voltage Selector Switch
Voltage and Hours Meter

Safety Features

Ground-Fault Circuit Interruption
Low Oil Shutdown
Spark Arrestor
Never-Flat Tires
Automatic Voltage Regulator
Ground Terminal or Neutral Bonded
Outlet Circuit Breakers
Operating Noise (dB)
Weight (lb)

Help & Support

2 Years
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