Honeywell CO610PM review

The Honeywell CO610PM is a portable swamp cooler that balances airflow and energy efficiency.

Honeywell CO610PM review
(Image: © Home Depot)

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The Honeywell CO610PM portable swamp cooler does a great job of cooling large areas, while maintaining excellent energy efficiency.


  • +

    14-gallon tank size

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    Large filter size

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    Accepts ice


  • -

    Small casters hamper maneuverability

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The Honeywell CO610PM portable swamp cooler may be the most expensive model we reviewed, however, it does rival some of the best portable swamp coolers, and it also offers excellent energy efficiency for savings on your energy bills. 

Honeywell CO610PM portable swamp cooler: Pricing and value

At around $430, the Honeywell CO610PM portable swamp cooler is a premium priced cooler, but it still offers good value for money if you’re looking to cool a large, dry area. Thanks to the large tank size, powerful motor, and wide fan blades, it can provide cooled and humidified air across 850 square feet. 

It’s also less bulky than some of the cheaper portable swamp coolers on the market and has a more refined design. The water-resistant design and built-in overflow protection system also allow this model to operate effectively through more demanding applications. Along with a whole host of extra features often left out of budget models, the power and energy efficiency of this appliance means that, even at a higher price point, it offers great value for money.

Honeywell CO610PM portable swamp cooler: Features

The Honeywell CO610PM portable swamp cooler is designed to excel in large outdoor spaces. It has a powerful 2100 CFM air flow and an air throw of up to 36 feet. This is thanks to wide fan blades and oscillating louvers that also aid fast air circulation. It also has a weather-resistant design to further aid its outdoor capabilities. It can also cover an impressive 850 square feet, a far larger area than the Hessaire FEC1K7GA00 is capable of.

An environmentally friendly evaporative air cooler, the Honeywell works by reducing temperature through water evaporation. Where fans can often just push warm air around, the evaporation process produces a comfortable cool wind, as opposed to a wet mist as produced by a mist fan, so its cooling breeze won’t leave water across your patio and furniture. 

The Honeywell CO610PM can also run for long periods of time, the large 14-gallon water tank is impressive and you can also connect a hose for continuous water supply connection, producing effective cooling all day long. Triple-sided honeycomb cooling pads create a large surface area for powerful evaporative cooling through hot, dry summers. You’ll find the best performance occurs in climates where humidity levels tend to be below 60%.

This appliance also has features designed to help it outlast other models. A durable and long-lasting copper motor is utilized, which is designed to outlast standard fan motors, especially in demanding environments.

While the Honeywell CO610PM has a relatively nice design finish, it’s definitely not small. However, it is surprisingly light at just 41 pounds, while the casters are added for easy transportation.

It’s easy-to-use and a mechanical control panel provides you with three speed settings for greater control. Toggles also allow you to change the air direction for even greater control. It’s also relatively quiet, although on high it reaches around 65 DBA.

The one year warranty is pretty standard across swamp coolers, with both the Hessaire MC18M and Frigidaire FEC1K7GA00 also offering one-year warranties. 

Honeywell CO610PM review

(Image credit: Home Depot)

Honeywell CO610PM portable swamp cooler: User reviews 

While user reviews are a little thin on the ground, the ones that are there are really positive with an average rating of 5 out of 5 on Home Depot. Users comment that the Honeywell CO610PM portable swamp cooler is a really powerful appliance, with one noting that it produced “some seriously strong wind”. They liked that it wasn’t bulky and looked sleek.

One user noted that the tank drain was poorly located, requiring the user to get down onto the floor in order to find it and drain the tank for winter storage. They also noted that the instruction manual could be clearer, with misunderstandings leading them to fill the tank incorrectly at first.

Overall, users were really impressed with the cooling performance of the Honeywell CO610PM portable swamp cooler.

Should you buy the Honeywell CO610PM portable swamp cooler? 

The Honeywell CO610PM is a fantastic portable swamp cooler that is also one of the better looking models on the market. It’s particularly good for anyone looking to cool large outdoor areas as it’s both powerful and designed to be durable. It is on the expensive side, but you are paying for a top-quality appliance and its energy-saving features mean monthly energy bills won’t be as high as with some other models.

If you’re looking to cool a smaller area, especially indoors, you could save some cash by looking at other models, like the Hessaire MC18M, which may not have the same power but can still cool and humidify up to 500 square feet effectively.

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