Marquis Spas review

The hot tubs at Marquis Spas are inspired by luxury and geared towards hydrotherapy, with entertainment features to match.

Marquis Spas review
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Marquis Spas has a wide range of tubs, all with a luxury focus, with a variety of additional features and models to choose from.


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    Lots of customizable features

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    Different tub shapes available


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    No pricing available online

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A Marquis Spas hot tub is a worthy investment into your health and relaxation. Founded in 1980, the company has been tinkering at its hot tub designs for over four decades. The result is a 25-strong hot tub product range, all geared towards hydrotherapy. 

At the same time, the Marquis Spas hot tubs do not compromise on relaxation or entertainment. While there are many different features to choose from, some of their most popular features include deep therapy seats, leg-to-neck jets, and Bluetooth surround sound systems. 

With such a wide offering of features, we reckon that Marquis Spas has some of the best hot tubs  for those who want a comprehensive design. While prices start at $7,000, most of their energy is centered around crafting higher-end luxurious hot tubs such as those in their Signature Collection. 

While all of the hot tubs produced by Marquis Spas share the same US-made construction and energy-efficient systems, there is plenty of variety in terms of size, shape, and design. Square, rectangular or round hot tubs are available, as well as tubs seating one to 10 people.

On top of that, the five collections have some signature features. The Marquis Elite collection, for example, has what the Marquis Spas website defines as the Big 3 hallmark features, including High-flow Therapy, ConstantClean water management, and MicroSilk oxygen skin therapy. 

Whether you choose a high-end tub with a high jet count of up to 50 jets or one of their more affordable designs equipped with Bluetooth surround sound, Marquis Spas’ hot tubs do a good job of combining relaxation and hydrotherapy.

Marquis Spas: Pricing and value

  • Mid, high and luxury tiers
  • No prices listed on site
  • The website directs customers to the nearest Marquis Spas dealers

If you want to know the price of your hot tub from the offset, that will prove difficult on the Marquis Spas website. While it is standard practice for hot tub brands to give a price range rather than an exact MSRP, the Marquis Spas website fails to provide an option to filter by price range.

The reason for this is that the prices of the Marquis Spas hot tubs vary significantly from state to state. Therefore, your nearest dealership should be able to give you a more accurate idea of how much a Marquis hot tub will set you back, eliminating any disappointment if the price doesn’t match the price listed upfront. It’s easy to request a quote by entering your zip code and finding your local dealer.

There is more accurate guidance provided on the website for potential energy costs, so that customers can get an idea of how much the hot tub will cost to run month on month. 

Despite the lack of upfront pricing, it’s also still relatively easy to tell apart the more expensive tubs from the affordable tubs by looking at the collections and their features. The Celebrity Hot Tubs are the most affordable of the five collections, followed by the Marquis Elite range. 

Those who have a higher budget to play with can look at Marquis Spas’ other three collections, which increase in price from the Vector21 hot tubs to the Signature Collection and the Crown Collection. 

If the pricing is in line with other hot tub brands, a hot tub in the Signature collection might cost $20,000, depending upon the features you opt for. An entry-level hot tub from the Celebrity range might cost closer to $7,000. 

Marquis Spas: Models and choice

  • 21 models (with most of them having an upgraded model too)
  • Five collections with extra customization available

Marquis Spas has five hot tub collections, each with their own signature features and six to seven distinct hot tub models. The six Celebrity hot tubs have the most basic features. Up to 50 jets are positioned to target muscles from the legs to the neck. This is combined with features such as an in-built audio system with Bluetooth and deep therapy seats. 

The six Marquis Elite hot tubs are the next in line price-wise, and have additional hydrotherapy features compared to the Celebrity Collection, including High-flow Therapy and MicroSilk oxygen skin therapy. The Vector21 product line has some of the most versatile hot tubs in the Marquis Spas range. Heated to 104 degrees fahrenheit, they have customisable controls.

Marquis Spas review

(Image credit: Marquis Spas)

In the newest Crown Collection, there are seven luxury hot tub models with advanced therapy features such as specialized hydromassage seats to target chronic pain and deep tissue, and up to 65 jets. The design is architecturally different to the hot tubs in the other collections, with a patented Dynamic Flow Control valve and new therapy jets.

The Signature Series is described as ‘the ultimate hot tub experience’, with reflexology patterns in the footwells, Oregon river rock materials, and DuraWood cabinetry. However, there are currently no Signature Series hot tubs listed on the website.

Marquis Spas: Features

  • Features focus on hydrotherapy, self-cleaning, and skin therapy
  • Each tub comes with a cover

According to their website, Marquis Spas goes big when it comes to three main features. The first is high flow therapy, a system delivering as much water as possible at a low pressure in order to soothe muscle discomfort. The next feature is their ConstantClean system, which automatically runs cleaning cycles for you, with the final part of the trifecta being their MicroSilk program, used to gently exfoliate and soothe the skin.

Whilst the high flow therapy conditions are built into all of their collections, the ConstantClean program is only standard with the Crown and Signature series’ and is optional elsewhere. The MicroSilk program is optional across all ranges except their Celebrity range. Beyond their top three features, there’s also an exclusive touch screen within the Signature and Crown series which enables users to control everything from audio to lighting. It’s also compatible with a mobile app, so you can keep things bubbling along nicely wherever you go.

There’s plenty more to be admired in the Marquis Spas range too. Those who want the ultimate relaxation experience may be tempted by specialized massage seats and LED mood lighting, so you can kick back in peace. Others more interested in entertaining will probably be swayed by the brand’s built-in coolers to keep beverages stocked up, as well as twin speakers hooked up to your tub’s Bluetooth system.

There’s also plenty to be thought about in terms of aesthetics, with each hot tub having potential cabinet, shell, and cover colors, in a manner similar to Bullfrog Spas. That means you can pick all of these colors together to suit your style and outdoor area. 

Should you choose a Marquis Spas hot tub?

Buying a Marquis Spas hot tub might seem like you’re taking a plunge in the dark due to the absence of upfront pricing. However, there’s a lot to like about their hot tub range. 

Focused on luxury and hydrotherapy, the US-made models have some innovative design features. Plus, with an energy guide provided and a range of energy-efficient features, you should have a good idea of how much continued monthly costs might impact your overall budget. 

This isn’t a budget range, however. For that, you might want to check out brands like Sundance Spas instead. However, if you’re looking for an elegant, well-equipped tub with the potential for some customisation, a Marquis Spas hot tub is a good fit. 

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