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Marquis Spas review

With a variety of shapes as well as sizes to choose from, the luxury features of Marquis Spas’ hot tubs are sure to leave you impressed.

Marquis Spas review
(Image: © Marquis Spas)

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Marquis Spas has a wide range of tubs, all with a luxury focus, with a variety of additional features and models to choose from.


  • +

    Lots of customizable features

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    Different tub shapes available


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    No pricing available online

Marquis Spas aims to cover all bases when it comes to ranking amongst the best hot tubs (opens in new tab), with a focus on hydrotherapy, extensive customization options, and a luxury experience all at once. Notable for their upgrades including aromatherapy, anti-aging treatments and variable LED lighting, Marquis Spa is bound to make you feel like the lord or lady of the manor. And with more than 25 models available within Marquis Spas’ many collections, there’s sure to be a series to cater to your needs.

Marquis Spas was founded in 1980 and specializes in hot tubs, with a separate division called Aquatic Training Vessels stocking some of the best swim spas (opens in new tab). While there is a heavy emphasis on luxury within Marquis Spas’ marketing, there’s also lots of choice with hydrotherapy. Tubs are good for arthritis pain (opens in new tab) relief, so we're pleased to see that Marquis Spas have included features to massage and soothe across their collections. Their dedication to hydrotherapy can also be seen in their relationship with the charity Make A Wish, as they seek to aid children suffering from critical illnesses with hydrotherapy treatments, with $50 from each purchase going toward this cause.

Marquis Spas isn't lacking when it comes to choice, with the Crown, Vector 21, Marquis Elite, and Celebrity ranges available. Each range has a different set of defining characteristics, with the number of seats and jets varying throughout. If the sound of all these options seems a little dizzying, then worry not, as, with help from BuyerZone, we’ve included a tool to help you narrow down your choices. Simply add a few details in the survey below to get specific recommendations.

Marquis Spas Review: Pricing and value

  • Mid, high and luxury tiers
  • No prices listed on site
  • The website directs customers to the nearest Marquis Spas dealers

Unfortunately, there are no prices listed on the Marquis Spas’ website, which means it can be difficult to know how their hot tubs will be priced in different states across the country. This is a definite drawback to anyone who wants to get a full idea of the brand’s price range without having a viewing of the products themselves. For a manufacturer with more transparent pricing tiers, check out Jacuzzi (opens in new tab)

To give a broad picture of pricing, the Celebrity collection is the brand’s most reasonably priced, with the tubs from that collection getting an upgrade in the following Marquis Elite range. On the other end of the spectrum, the Signature collection contains the most expensive models available, and also received a makeover within the Crown Collection, the brand’s most deluxe range.

To give a general figure (while remembering pricing will vary state to state), prices for the Celebrity collection begin from around $7,000, which means even their most affordable models sit within the mid-tier. Ultra fancy hot tubs within the Signature range bump the price up closer to the $20,000 range, with costs depending on any extra updates or features you'd like to add. Handily, each of the specifications contains an energy guide that gives you an estimation on how much the tub costs to run each month, which is great for working out your finances.

Marquis Spas review: Models and choice

  • 21 models (with most of them having an upgraded model too)
  • Five collections with extra customization available

So, let’s get into what each of Marquis Spas’ collections is all about. Beginning with the most affordable Celebrity range, there’s a total of seven tubs to choose from. One of these, the Rendezvous Discovery, is a nifty two-person corner model that could fit into small gardens and would be perfect for anyone lacking space. Also moving away from the conventionally square shape is the round Monaco, which has five seats of circular fun within its old-school shape.

All in all, the Celebrity collection is focused on leisure and has a great range of standardized features, from a backlit waterfall to a Bluetooth-connected audio system. And don’t worry if you want a more specialized hydrotherapy experience but like the sound of the Celebrity range, as the Marquis Elite collection incorporates all of those models with a stronger focus on quality.

Given their status at the highest end of the price bracket, it’s no surprise that the Marquis Spas’ Signature Series go all-out on style with surrounding wooden cabinets. In terms of features, their model The Show has 82 focused jets, whilst The Euphoria goes boasts seven seats. Incorporating both luxury and hydrotherapy, the Signature range is sure to dazzle, but at a high price.

The last three Marquis Spas ranges are all interconnected with each other closely. The Signature Series gets an upgrade in the Crown Collection, which the brand claims is “a masterpiece of innovation”. That’s due to this new collection taking features from the Vector 21 series, which features six tubs and is geared towards hydrotherapy and placing them within luxury shells. As you’ll be able to tell, many of Marquis Spas’ collections are hybrids and upgrades of one another, which is great for assessing exactly which improvements you need.

Marquis Spas review

(Image credit: Marquis Spas)

Marquis Spas Review: Features

  • Features focus on hydrotherapy, self-cleaning, and skin therapy
  • Each tub comes with a cover

According to their website, Marquis Spas goes big when it comes to three main features. The first is high flow therapy, a system delivering as much water as possible at a low pressure in order to soothe muscle discomfort. The next feature is their ConstantClean system, which automatically runs cleaning cycles for you, with the final part of the trifecta being their MicroSilk program, used to gently exfoliate and soothe the skin.

Whilst the high flow therapy conditions are built into all of their collections, the ConstantClean program is only standard with the Crown and Signature series’ and is optional elsewhere. The MicroSilk program is optional across all ranges except their Celebrity range. Beyond their top three features, there’s also an exclusive touch screen within the Signature and Crown series which enables users to control everything from audio to lighting. It’s also compatible with a mobile app, so you can keep things bubbling along nicely wherever you go.

There’s plenty more to be admired in the Marquis Spas range too. Those who want the ultimate relaxation experience may be tempted by specialized massage seats and LED mood lighting, so you can kick back in peace. Others more interested in entertaining will probably be swayed by the brand’s built-in coolers to keep beverages stocked up, as well as twin speakers hooked up to your tub’s Bluetooth system.

There’s also plenty to be thought about in terms of aesthetics, with each hot tub having potential cabinet, shell, and cover colors, in a manner similar to Bullfrog Spas (opens in new tab). That means you can pick all of these colors together to suit your style and outdoor area. 

Should you choose a Marquis Spas tub?

Marquis Spas make luxury tubs and go the extra mile when it comes to aesthetics, hydrotherapy and fancy features. There are more affordable parts of their brand, such as the Celebrity collection, which also offers alternative shape options for anyone short on space, but those prices still begin in the mid-range. 

So if you’re looking to splurge, you can’t go far wrong when it comes to Marquis Spas, as their commitment to excellence shows in their extensive feature selection and range. But if you’re operating within a tighter budget, you might want to consider manufacturers like Sundance Spas (opens in new tab), which have entry-level pricing.

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