Husqvarna vs Greenworks: Which hedge trimmer is right for your yard?

Husqvarna and Greenworks are two of the most trusted brands when it comes to hedge trimmers. They've both been in the game for a long time and now have extensive ranges of power tools, yard equipment, and some of the best hedge trimmers.

But when it comes to getting the job done, which brand comes out on top? We've dived into two of the brands' leading models: the Husqvarna 122HD60 and the Greenworks 80V 26'' cordless hedge trimmer. 

It's worth noting that the Husqvarna trimmer is gas-powered while the Greenworks is battery-powered, which will naturally reveal key differences. Husqvarna do have a range of battery-powered hedge trimmers too, but as they generally have lower voltages and specs than the Greenworks 80V, we decided to compare two models with a similar power output. 

We've had a great experience with the Husqvarna 122HD60, thanks to its balance of power and usability, but how does it compare to one of Greenworks' best cordless trimmers? Read on for a detailed comparison of their performance, features, and price to reveal our final verdict. 

Husqvarna vs Greenworks Hedge Trimmers: Design

Both hedge trimmers are cordless, offering a great deal of freedom when moving around your yard. The main difference here is that the Husqvarna 122HD60 is gas-powered, while the Greenworks 80V is battery-powered. Gas-powered trimmers can often offer more power, however it's worth considering whether the cost and maintenance of fuel is what you're looking for.

The Husqvarna weighs in at 10.8 lbs without fuel and the Greenworks weights 7.17 lbs without the battery. That's a big difference that may be noticeable when reaching overhead - or if you're outside trimming for a long time. 

Husqvarna vs Greenworks Hedge Trimmers: Performance

We found that the Husqvarna has an ideal balance between usability and performance: it's powerful enough to cut through tough branches without being too powerful that it causes fatigue. Saying that, the hefty weight of the hedge trimmer (10.8 lbs without any fuel), was found to be a bit heavy when reaching overhead. But luckily, the trimmer features vibration dampeners to ease the impact on your body. 

Like with many Greenworks power tools, the 80V hedge trimmer is battery-powered rather than using gas like traditional hedge trimmers often do. This produces fewer vibrations than a gas trimmer while also being considerably lighter (it weighs 7.17 lbs without the battery). And don't be fooled thinking the 80V 2.0Ah battery sacrifices power: the brushless motor has the equivalent power of a 25cc gas engine. 

Something to consider is that the Husqvarna 122HD60 starts by pulling the cord, and it has an air purge capsule to flush air out of the carburetor to help with starting the engine. This is great when compared to other gas hedge trimmers, but it's extra work and maintenance compared to the battery-powered Greenworks 80V that starts at the push of a button. 

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Husqvarna vs Greenworks Hedge Trimmers: Features

The Greenworks 80V hedge trimmer features 26'' dual-action, laser-cut steel blades. Cutting at a speed of 3,200 cuts per minute, they're built to be strong enough to cut through thick branches with ease, with a generous maximum cutting capacity of 1.1 inches. 

Husqvarna's 122HD60 cuts more quickly at 4,050 cuts per minute, but with smaller 23.2'' dual-action blades and a recommended cutting capacity of 0.8 inches. The stainless steel blades should be durable enough to resist corrosion, and we found it was strong enough to cut through woody stems as well as easier branches. 

A strong advantage of Greenworks' 80V trimmer is its 180° rotating rear handle, allowing a great deal of manoeuvrability when cutting at different heights and angles. The Husqvarna 122HD60's rear handle rotates up to 90°, still offering flexibility but to a lesser extent than Greenworks.

Compared to many gas hedge trimmers, the Husqvarna is a low-noise option, with sound levels ranging between 94 and 101 dB(A). This is ideal if you're looking for the power of a gas-powered trimmer but you don't want to disturb the neighbours or wear heavy-duty ear protection. 

The 122HD60 has a 10.14 Fl oz fuel tank and consumes 0.73 lbs per hour, with an engine that has an output of 0.8 horsepower. The Greenworks 80V battery has a runtime of around 60 minutes, and takes up to 50 minutes to fully charge. They're two very different types of power output, but both run confidently with enough runtime to get the job done. 

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Husqvarna vs Greenworks Hedge Trimmers: Price & availability

The Husqvarna 122HD60 is listed at $369.99 (on offer for $295.99 at Walmart at the time of writing), while the Greenworks 80V hedge trimmer costs $249.99 and is available from the likes of Amazon and Best Buy. That's a big difference in price for two trimmers that largely have similar capabilities. 

Another thing to consider is that the Husqvarna 122HD60 requires fuel every time you use it, as well as the cost of servicing and maintaining a fuel engine. 

The Greenworks 80V will save you a huge amount of money compared to the Husqvarna 122HD60, with the only ongoing cost being the energy required to charge the battery. It also comes with a four year battery warranty and a four year tool limited warranty. It's reassuring knowing that the hedge trimmer will at least see out the next few years.

Husqvarna vs Greenworks Hedge Trimmers: Our verdict

Comparing a gas-powered hedge trimmer and a battery-powered hedge trimmer will of course bring up major differences in their performance. But as the 122HD60 performs stronger than most of Husqvarna's battery-powered trimmers, we found it best to compare it to one of Greenworks' strongest models.

That being said, the Greenworks trimmer performs stronger than Husqvarna's, especially in terms of cutting capacity, maintenance, and manoeuvrability. And at such a cheaper price, with little costs down the line, it stands out as the greater hedge trimmer. Offering fantastic value for money, it's a confident and capable hedge trimmer that's easier to use and strong enough to cut through thicker branches.

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