I got this faucet attachment because of TikTok and it's not what I expected

Viral faucet extender
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This faucet extender went viral on TikTok, and I had to test it for myself. I paid £23.99 ($30.99) for it on Amazon, and I've been having a long think about whether it was really worth the money. The extender boasts a number of features such as the ability to switch between a powerful shower and a single stream to make washing dishes easier. 

I used the faucet for about a month so that I could get a feel for how it works and whether it was better than my normal faucet attachment. One feature that I do like about this piece, is the ability to flip it upwards so that you can use your tap as a drinking fountain. You may be concerned that the tap doesn't match a kitchen with the best ovens or the best dishwashers, and this is definitely a valid concern to have, so if you are going for pure style then this attachment may not be a good choice for you. 

The pros and cons

I have tested this faucet extender on Amazon for £23.99 for one month so I have had a chance to experience the good, and the bad, of this gadget. 

The Pros:

1. It makes washing dishes a lot easier

This faucet extender definitely helps with washing dishes due to how much you can move and rotate it. The shower mode also makes it easy to remove any sauces or residue from your dishes before washing them.

2. The drinking fountain feature is convenient

Sometimes you don't want to drink a whole glass of water, so the drinking fountain feature can be pretty nifty when you want a quick drink. 

The Cons:

1. The build quality is borderline criminal

The build quality of this thing is horrendous. After just one month of use, mine makes a horrible squeaking sound every time I move it, and from the first use, it sprays water out of every joint - not great or safe when you are using hot water. 

2. It looks strange

The goofy design is definitely a conversation starter but in my opinion, it doesn't look anywhere near as good as a standard faucet. 

3. The water that comes from it tastes bad at first

For the first week or so the water that came from this faucet extender tasted rubbery/plasticky. After the tap had been run for a while the water was more palatable, but this is not a problem that I ever had with my previous faucet. 

Is it worth the money?

Honestly, whether it is worth the money is a matter of opinion. For me, now that I have tested it I am eager to remove it and put my old faucet piece back on. If you think you would be happy to use this piece and like the look of it, then £29.99 ($37.69) is a decent price if you make it a permanent addition to your tap. 

The unit that I received sprayed water out of every seem, which led me to take it apart to make sure I had built it correctly. I am going to be generous and chalk this down to a faulty unit, as I am sure the manufacturers didn't intend for this to happen. 

All in all, the quality isn't the best but it definitely has a number of practical uses that I could see being utilized by many people. If you want to jazz up your kitchen then this could also be a decent purchase.

What is it good for?

If the unit that I received didn't spray hot water everywhere when I tried to wash dishes, then it would have been perfect for washing up. Assuming I got a faulty unit, I can definitely see this being a great piece of equipment for washing dishes or rinsing down dishes before putting them in a dishwasher. My sink is on the smaller side, so it did come in handy with washing dishes faster as it is usually a laborious task for me. 

The drinking fountain feature is also pretty neat, and its something that I made a lot of use of when I'm in a rush or don't have any clean glasses at hand. 

Monib Zahdeh
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