LG Dual Inverter window air conditioner review

Sleek looks, smart Wi-Fi support and lots of power make the LG Dual Inverter Smart a great air conditioner.

LG Dual Inverter Smart Review
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The LG Dual Inverter Smart air conditioner gives you Wi-Fi smartphone controls over a powerful and energy efficient unit which runs quietly and undercuts some of the competition on price.


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    Wi-Fi app and voice controls

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    Quiet running

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    Decent looking


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Here's everything you need to know about the LG Dual Inverter Smart. We've researched the latest window air conditioners, asked the experts, and sifted through thousands of specs, features and user reviews to find the best window air conditioners around.

LG Dual Inverter: What you need to know

The LG Dual Inverter Smart air conditioner is one of the company's top range systems which means you not only get a good looking and powerful unit but also smart Wi-Fi and voice control support.

The LG Dual Inverter Smart air conditioner looks decent compared to a lot of the competition. But it's also smart and offers quiet running without the high price tag of similar sounding units that offer this many features.

That dual inverter compressor is there to help you save money in the long term on running costs while the unit's price is actually pretty reasonable for what you get. The range of BTU is broad but this starts at 14,000 BTU so is definitely for larger studio apartments or multiple rooms in hot homes. 

So is this super smart window air conditioner the one for you? Read on to find out.

LG Dual Inverter: Design and build

  • Clean minimal finish
  • LCD display
  • From 14,000 BTU

The LG Dual Inverter Smart air conditioner, even in its smallest variant, the LW1517IVSM 14,000 BTU model, is still a hefty 98 pounds. So installation can be difficult if you're doing it alone. Thankfully the main unit does slide out meaning you just have to install the cabinet to your window sill then slide the unit in and lock it down with a few screws. Plug in, turn on and you're good to go.

For that amount of power you're good to cool a room of up to 800 square feet in size. You can see what you're doing from the LCD display on the front of the unit and can control it via the buttons or using the included remote. There's also the smartphone app and voice controls but more on those below.

The front has a sleek minimal white finish which allows the room to stay as bright and large feeling as possible. Instead of the ugly grilled front sucking air like on some units, this sucks the air up from beneath before cooling and firing it out the top of the front.

LG Dual Inverter: Features

  • Voice controls
  • Dual inverter energy savings
  • Night mode

The LG Dual Inverter Smart air conditioner is, as the name suggests, Wi-Fi connected for use with the smartphone app. This is great for controlling the temperature when you're out, cooling the house so it's just right when you get back. 

The app also allows for smart scheduling so you won't have to worry about controlling it much if you're fairly regular with your movements. Should you want to make a change you can do it, hands-free, using Amazon's Alexa or Google Assistant smart assistants with voice commands.

The dual inverter is a huge appeal as this is what makes the air conditioner not only quieter but also more energy efficient when compared to non dual inverter models. 

The fans themselves have three speed settings while the air can be pointed in four different directions to give you the cooling you need. For example if this is in the bedroom you can point it up so you're not chilled too directly in bed.

Other useful features include a 24 hour timer, a filter change alarm function and an energy saver mode. There's also a night mode that allows the unit to save power and stay quiet by turning off as the night cools, without you doing anything as you sleep.

LG Dual Inverter: Performance

  • Really quiet running
  • Powerful airflow
  • Smart app

The LG Dual Inverter Smart air conditioner is a very, vert quiet unit. This is thanks to that dual inverter tech. In single inverter models the motor fires up the compressor to cool, then shuts off when at temperature, kicking in again when it detects the room is warmer. A dual inverter allows the motor to run at more speeds than just fully on or off, which means the unit can run to temperature then cycle down to maintain that temperature with a gentle running. 

This consistency allows for quieter running and less power use overall, saving you money too. LG says it's up to 25 percent more energy efficient than Energy Star certification requirements. As such this large 14,000 BTU unit should only cost around $68 a year to run.

The app works to change things like scheduling, timers and sleep timers. This works pretty well but the layout could be a bit more intuitive. But as is the case with most app based gripes, it usually gets fixed with an update – or you learn to use it and live with it. This isn't a deal breaker but in an otherwise near perfect setup is the weakest part of the air conditioner. 

Should I buy the LG Dual Inverter?

If you want to save money on your air conditioning bills, have a good looking smart Wi-Fi connected unit that also offers plenty of power, then the LG Dual Inverter Smart air conditioner could be ideal for you.

If you have a space smaller than 800 square feet then you may benefit from going for a unit that's smaller than 14,000 BTU and this could save you money. But this is a tough air conditioner to fault. 

LG Dual Inverter: Verdict

The LG Dual Inverter Smart air conditioner is an excellent window mounted air conditioner for saving money on running costs while also running quietly. The good looks, smart Wi-Fi controls and easy installation just great bonuses.

The price is low for all the great features you get and this really does offer a lot thanks to that dual inverter technology. The app could benefit from a few updates but aside from that this is a top window air conditioner option.

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